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Indoor and Outdoor LED Lighting for the Home or Office

LightingThe LED technology behind LED lamps has been around for a long time, but its practical application, as a replacement to traditional incandescent or CFL lighting in lamps, is a relatively new concept. LED lighting technology has made enormous strides in quality, availability, utility, and longevity, making it a viable alternative to costly, wasteful, traditional lighting in the home or office.

At Spectrum Electric, one of our specialties is LED lighting technology consultation, upgrade, and installation. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to maximize your cost savings in both the short term and the long term, as well as minimizing your initial expense. If you haven't considered it before, LED lighting has several advantages over typical incandescents or CFLs, for your pocketbook , for your health, and for your planet.

  • Reduction of between 60% and 90% off your current electricity lighting bill
  • Reduction of annual maintenance costs, resulting from bulb and ballast replacement of 70% to 90%
  • Low energy consumption, equating to about 85% less than the electrical consumption of incandescent bulbs, and about 50% of the energy usage of CFLs
  • Helping your business or home reduce its carbon footprint, as well reducing landfill usage. Replacing a single incandescent bulb with an LED lamp prevents the release of 300 pounds of C02 in a single year
  • Improved lighting performance with reduced noise and heat output. LEDs are often far more capable of producing natural light than flourescents
  • Potential tax deductions for energy improvements
  • Lifespan. LEDs can have a lifespan of over 60,000 hours, as compared to 10,000 hours for CFLs and 1,500 hours for incandescents
  • Resistance to damage. LED lamps do not have filaments and can handle bumping or jarring much more reliably than either incandescents or CFLs. They are also able to operate at a much wider range of temperatures without a negative effect
  • LEDs are non-toxic and do not contain the mercury present in CFLs