6 Creative Lighting Ideas for Your Home

6 Creative Lighting Ideas for Your Home

6 Creative Lighting Ideas for Your Home

If you are fed up with conventional lighting system, there are many ways to give your home a creative lighting without breaking the bank. We have special and unique DIY lighting ideas that will surely spice things up and make your indoor and outdoor space inviting.

Some of the creative ideas you can use to spruce up your home include the following:

  • 1. Hang String Lights in the Yard

    Gone are the days when string lights are reserved for the holidays. There are string lights found in patios and decks all year round, beautifully decorating for fences and walls. They are specially made such that they spiral around lampposts and columns and can be used to decorate even trees.

    They come in various colors and styles and they feature the latest LED technology. They also come in the old Edison bulb fashion as well as the old-school incandescent bulbs.

  • 2. Have low Voltage Landscape Lighting

    Landscape lighting is a simple and easy addition to your home. It brings features of your yard to life. It is a way to improve safety and security around your stairs, entryways, and pathways. If you prefer to do it yourself, there is low voltage landscape lighting.

    With a transformer, you can step down the voltage. This increases efficiency and safety in outdoor condition. It comes in various styles from rail light to spotlights to track lights. It gives out a lighting display in a range of fixtures, bulbs, lens, and beams. You can get a unique and special style to suit your taste.

  • 3. Have track Light in Dark Areas

    While track light was once popular in the 80s, it is gradually finding its way into the present. Track light now comes in special, modern and unique styles which could be spiral, zigzag or even a straight line. It is the ideal solution to illuminate dark space without extra wiring system and fixtures.

  • 4. Use antiques to come up with a special Light

    You can get inspiration for turning beautiful old items to a special lighting masterpiece. You can check flea markets, yard sales and other similar events to find cheap, classy antiques that can add some style to your home.

  • 5. Use Edison Bulb to replace Visible Bulbs

    Edison light bulbs are gradually making a comeback and becoming pretty popular. It features a special old look and feel. It gives out a warm golden glow which adds a unique flair to whatever feature you have at home. If it is giving you trouble to install yourself, do not hesitate to call a competent electrician in Orlando to help you with a professional installation service.

  • 6. Use a Dimmer Switch

    With a dimmer switch, you can easily adjust the ambiance in any room. Adding this to a light fixture is a good way to save energy as well. Not only will you save energy you also add a unique and interesting lighting feature to your home

There are many interesting ways you can spice up the light in your home. If you want a creative lighting solution today, get in touch with us at Spectrum Electric. We have certified electrical contractors in Orlando, Fl that can help you handle every issue with your electrical system. We also have trained and experienced electricians in Orlando that can help you spice up your lighting system.

Give us a call today and we’ll be glad to carry out a comprehensive review of your electrical system and recommend the best solutions for you.

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