Five Most Common Electrical Problems Around the House

Five Most Common Electrical Problems Around the House

Five Most Common Electrical Problems Around the House

Electricity was discovered to be a blessing to humans. With time, however, people started seeing the other side of electricity. This calls for the utmost care relating to electricity. Asides, when it comes to electricity use, safety is not negotiable. In this regard, there are many pointers to an electrical fault around the house.

1. Frequent Electrical Surges

There are many causes of electrical surges, this could be faulty power lines, lightning strike, bad or faulty appliances as well as wrong wiring around the home. It should be pointed out that an electrical surge usually lasts a microsecond, but constant light surges can damage electrical components around the house.

If you have the issue of a frequent power surge, you might have an electrical device connected to the home grid. We recommend getting rid of any cheap device from the power outlet and see if the surge subsides. However, if this doesn’t take care of the issue, the services of a trained electrical conductor might be imminent.

2. Dips and Sags in Power

Just like an electric power surge, sags and drips in electrical supply can be as a result of a device in contact with a power grid that is faulty. It also comes around as a result of substandard materials which consume a lot of power when in operation.

3. Faulty Light Switches

When you have dim switches that don’t bring forth full light, it could be as a result of faulty workmanship or substandard products.

If you are in a house with switches that do not activate anything on pressing, this could be as a result of the switch being superseded or the fixtures got rid of. Electrical contractors in Orlando, FL also revealed that it could be an error in the circuit, wiring or outlet. The services of a trained electrician are not negotiable in this situation.

4. Circuit breaker Tripping off frequently

There are appliances we use that draw a lot of power. Using items (hair dryers, microwaves etc) could trip circuit breakers when the power source is shared with other power consuming items. The main essence of a circuit breaker is to protect you and the appliances you have hence when it trips, it is functioning as expected.

Thus, good electrical contractors in Orlando, FL advise taking note of when last the circuit breaker tripped. If for instance, it was on using the hairdryer, then you might want to use a low setting.

5. Circuit Overboard

When you overload a circuit board, there will be frequent tripping of the circuit breaker. Thus, apartments and buildings without enough power points to serve the users might experience this.

Thus, if you experience frequent tripping of the circuit breaker, circuit overload might be the reason. We recommend the follow:

  • Remove device that is not in use
  • Avoid overloading a single circuit, spread your electrical needs around
  • Only connect what you need to the power source

Should electrical issues persist around the house, it is never advisable to try and check it out yourself. Get electrical contractors in Orlando, FL to help you. They are skilled in diagnosis and repair of all forms of electrical faults around the house. Speak to us at Spectrum Electric today for a free consultation.

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