Five of the Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards Discussed

Five of the Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards Discussed

Five of the Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards Discussed

Electricity can be unpleasant to have if not treated with caution. Thus, anywhere or building that has electricity is potentially exposed to electrical hazards.

However, the risks can be reduced by consciously taking steps to get rid of the dangers. The electricians in Orlando, FL recommended that all electrical work should be handled by a trained electrician. Trying to maneuver electricity without proper knowledge is a way of exposing yourself to danger.

1. Defective and Poor Electrical Wirings

The quality of wires used directly affects the safety of the electrical system. Thus, with poor wires, the chances of power surges, fire outbreaks, arc faults etc increases. Asides, we also discourage people from trying out any electrical work.

Also, the chances of electrical fire or accidents increase with cracked, damaged or corroded electrical wires. This is why it is important to have an electrician check out your wiring system regularly. Asides, replacing old wires could save you.

2. Outlets Close to Moisture

Rooms exposed to water like the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms constantly exposed to water should have outlets that are a bit far from the water source. One should always keep in mind that water conducts electricity, hence it is recommended that one keep outlets as far away from water as possible.

Thus, the use of radio, hair dryers, and clippers in the bathroom, swimming pool or anywhere exposed to moisture is calling for trouble.

3. Wet Hands

Asides keeping outlets far from moisture, one should always try to avoid using wet hands to operate electrical appliances. This increases the chances of electric shock. This is a warning for folks who like going for their hair dryer just after stepping off the shower. Water conducts electricity hence; always dry your hands before handling any electrical gadget.

4. Trying to Quench Electrical Fire With Water

There are different types of fire occurrence. Electrical fire, being one of the most common types of fire incident should never be put out with water. Pouring water on an electrical fire could be costly as water conducts electricity hence could result in shock.

The electricians in Orlando, FL recommends having a fire extinguisher handy and at strategic places around the home. Should there be fire, resort to the fire extinguisher. If it is not available, cut off the power from the main switch, evacuate the building and reach out to the fire service.

5. Inquisitive Toddlers

We have all passed through the children stage, and we remember how inquisitive we can get. Hence, it is not surprising for young ones to want to explore the house. This is why kids should never be left without the supervision of adults. Asides, if you have got toddlers around, we recommend you be extra diligent in making sure the house is safe for them.

Electrical fire hazard is not a joke. Hence, we recommend using the information above to keep yourself and your household safe. Electricians in Orlando, FL are skilled in everything relating to electrical work. Give us a call today, you are in safe hands.

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