Home Safety Features That Are Important For Every Home

Home Safety Features That Are Important For Every Home

Home Safety Features That Are Important For Every Home

The safety of the entire household should be a priority of every responsible homeowner. However, the electrical system poses a threat to residents of a home, especially if not treated well. But the good news is that there are a couple of safety features that one could consider to decrease the chance of seeing the bad side of electricity.

1. Surge protection for the Entire Home

Electricity comes from the grid and gets delivered to the various part of the house. However, electricity should be guided into your home safely such that it doesn’t jeopardize the safety of you and the entire household. With a power surge, however, you increase the risk of electric fire hazards.

A power surge can burn appliances which could trigger an electric fire. This is why you need a home surge protection near your electric service box to protect the entire component of the home’s electrical system.

The surge protection guards against:

  • Power Surge outside your home

    These include occurrences beyond your care like lightning strikes, the excessive voltage from the grids etc. The power surge protector outside the house will stop the electricity from getting into your home and causing any damage.

  • Power Surge inside the Home

    As a result of heat generating appliances used inside the home, there could be power surges. These power surges are usually minute but frequent occurrences could wear out your electrical appliances. This is due to the heat degradation occurring in the device. To get yourself, your home and electrical devices protected, reach out to electrical contractors in Orlando to install a surge protector for the entire house.

2. Hard Wired Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide, a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas, could be produced when electrical system malfunctions. Also, without adequate ventilation of your gas or water heater, there is a big risk of carbon monoxide gas exposure.

As a result of this, all homes should consider installing detectors like a smoke detector. There are battery smoke detectors which aren’t ideal. This is because they are usually placed at a maximum of two points around the home. Thus, they could be too late in signaling an alarm.

Get in touch with electrical contractors in Orlando today. At Spectrum Electric Inc, part of our services includes installing suitable smoke detectors for your house. The smoke detectors offered does not use a battery which guarantees that they will be fast in raising a warning should there be smoke or gas exposure.

3. Emergency Security Lighting System

Should there be a building evacuation or power outage, there should be designated lightning and outlets in every property – home, industrial and commercial. With a landscape lightning on your property, you add extra safety and security. This does not only keep your home safe but also improves the curb appeal of your house. Spectrum Electric Inc are qualified electrical contractors in Orlando that offer series of lighting service to keep the home or property safe!

We at Spectrum Electric are the best electrical contractors in Orlando that are skilled in helping you put your home in a top condition safe for the users. Give us a call today and you will be glad you did!

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