How to Protect Your House from Lightning

How to Protect Your House from Lightning

How to Protect Your House from Lightning

If you need someone to help protect your house from the destructive effects of lightning, spectrum electric Inc. A group of electrical contractors in Orlando FL is exactly what you need. Let us discuss why you need them and what they are going to help you to achieve.

Lightning is one of the most awe-inspiring sights in nature, it is a strong reminder of human’s frailty when compared to the vast universe. With volts, sometimes as high as a hundred million, lightning can wreck some real havoc on your home. With that in mind, how then can you protect yourself and your home from lightning strikes?

Lightning can strike either directly or indirectly. A direct lightning strike on your home can have terribly devastating effects, ripping through roof, slashing bricks and igniting fire. Indirect strikes to homes are as a result of direct strikes near the home which could induce unwanted surges into the home.

The major and the most effective way to protect your home from lightning strike is by installing a lightning protection system. No, don’t even think of trying to install it yourself. The first step is to contact qualified and experienced electrical contractors in Orlando, FL. They are qualified and certified to design and install a certified lightning protection system.

The job of a lightning protection system is not to prevent lightning strikes. rather, it is to force or channel the discharge through a specified path and finally into the ground or earth. With that, the chance of having fire explosions within non-conductive parts of the house is greatly minimized.

What makes up a typical lightning protection system for a home?

Lightning rods

Also known as air terminals, they are aluminium or copper rods that are vertically mounted on the roof, making it the highest point of the building. They serve as strike receptors, receiving the lightning strike and forcing them into the ground.

Earth rod

They are basically two copper or aluminium rods also, driven deep into the earth (minimum of 10 feet). The job is that it receives excess surge channelled to it by the lightning rods into the ground.

Surge arresters and suppressors

Surge arresters are installed at electrical panels and their job is to protect heavy appliances and prevent fires at the entrance of service panels. surge suppressors are installed at the electrical panels to prevent voltage surge.


The advantage of bonding is that it joins the roof components to the ground component to the main conductor. This ensure conductivity and prevent side flashing

Main conductors

The main conductor is generally made of either copper of aluminium. It is used to connect the air terminals to the other system components and the ground.

Apart from the protection of home, it has also been recommended that if a tree is within 10 feet away from a home, it should also be equipped with a lightning protection system.

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