Is the Home Electrical System Up to Electrical Code?

Is the Home Electrical System Up to Electrical Code?

Is the Home Electrical System Up to Electrical Code?

The electrical system of a house is one of the most critical parts that requires constant attention in order to be safe. We use electricity almost every time for things like charging, watching a movie, refrigerating etc.

The importance of electricity for use in day to day activity cannot be overemphasized. Since it is necessary for daily use, you need to ensure it is in optimum capacity. An old or faulty electrical system could put you in a lot of danger. This is why you should consider an electrical home inspection that will give you peace of mind in that it will ensure your electrical system is safe.

Some common inspection points: During the code compliance check, a qualified and licensed electrician in Orlando will check out various parts of the home that are linked to the part of the electrical system. Some of the parts most likely to be checked are:

  • 1. Electrical box

    Electrical box could either be plastic or metal. Our electricians in Orlando will examine the condition and shape of the box to ensure its properly attached and in top conditions. Also, the wires need to be intact.

  • 2. Service Panels

    This to many is the fuse box or panel breaker. If you have an outdated one, or yours have been giving you issues of recent, you should consider an upgrade.

  • 3. Grounding

    Grounding of electricity is important for safety. This is one feature the electricians in Orlando will ensure that it is in place in your house.

  • 4. Wire and Cable Size

    While there are various requirements with various areas of the house, the electricians in Orlando will inform you if it is in optimum condition.

The above is the simple basics that a thorough electrical home inspection should cover. Asides, if you desire to sell your house, having a standard electrical code are one of the main selling points to attract prospective buyers. Also, with a standard electrical code, you avoid fines and possible hazards with time.

Why Should You consider the Services of electricians in Orlando

At Spectrum Electric Inc, our electricians in Orlando are thorough with all our inspections. We are skilled at locating the electrical source of your house which could be underground or overhead wires. We will inspect all the meeting points of your wiring system and ensure it is up to date. Even the meter is part of our inspection priority!

Our expertise involves grinding the entire electrical system of the home and ensuring that the electrical system is up to date. We will inspect the point of grounding of the electrical system and examine the electrical panel.

We offer you experienced electricians in Orlando that will provide an inspection report that will examine possible safety dangers in your home including possible sources of fire outbreak. Points of inadequate wirings for outlets will also be examined. On completing our inspection, your entire home or building will be marked safe for all electrical functionality. Give us a call today at Spectrum Electric Inc and you will be glad you did!

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