Keeping Your Electrical Installations Safe for Children

Keeping Your Electrical Installations Safe for Children

Keeping Your Electrical Installations Safe for Children

Where there are children at the home, it is important to ensure that electrical installations receive some measure of protection. This is because toddlers are naturally curious and will seek to explore anything unfamiliar to them. One of such targets of exploration is electrical sockets and appliances which may be plugged in or have exposed wires that are hazardous to children.

A good electrical contractor in Apopka FL works with the total safety and security of the home in mind and will ensure that the electrical fittings in a house are done in such a way that there are enough safety features to prevent kids from getting electrocuted.

Tamper-proof electrical outlets

Make sure that you install outlets that cannot be tampered with by a child. In cases where it is easy for children to flip switches to these outlets on, it is advisable to locate outlets as high as possible and away from the reach of children. This is usually done when the electrical wiring is being carried out at the construction stage.

These sometimes come with spring-loaded shutters that are strong enough that a child cannot open them up and use them or force an object into making contact with the electrical terminals. Some of these tamper-proof outlets may require that you press both sides of the outlet before you can put the plugs inside, something a child or baby will be unable to accomplish unaided..

Install outlet covers

You can also baby-proof your home by using a simple plastic outlet cover. This is by far cheaper than using a tamper-proof electrical outlet. You can buy a lot of these and insert them into any electrical outlet that is not in use to prevent children from sticking things inside electrical outlets. Most electrical contractors in Apopka FL normally add these so that whenever an electrical outlet is not in use, it can be kept out of the reach of children.

There are other versions of the electrical outlet covers that are done in such a way that they use a combination of gestures to dislodge them so that it is difficult for a child to maneuver them loose. Some of these require you to press a button and pull at the same time before coming loose. A lot of people don’t like these however because you have to remove them whenever you want to use the socket and they sometimes get lost easily or you forget to put them back.

You can also use a sliding plate cover to keep you home safe. This is more expensive than a plugged-in cover and is easy to install.

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