Simple Ceiling Fan Hacks to Save Money and Energy Bills

Simple Ceiling Fan Hacks to Save Money and Energy Bills

Simple Ceiling Fan Hacks to Save Money and Energy Bills

A ceiling fan is recommended if saving on the energy bill is your priority as a typical air conditioning system gulps up to 3500 Watts of energy. The average ceiling fan, however, consumes just 60 watts. Thus, you get to save more with the use of a ceiling fan.

Without a doubt, one can still reduce the energy bills with the use of the ceiling fan. In this regards, we present some tips to help tweak your ceiling fan to reduce energy consumption.

1. Adjust the Direction of the Ceiling Fan in Summer so the Air blows downward

Most ceiling fans come with a clockwise and counterclockwise setting. These settings are usually applied to the different season of the year. While there are conflicting reports on which direction is appropriate, there is a way to determine the direction your fan should rotate in summer.

All you have got to do is stand beneath the fan and turn on the fan. If you can feel the breeze, then it is in the summer setting, which on most models is counterclockwise. If not, get a stool and look for a switch or little button that allows you to change the direction of the rotation.

2. During Winter, Run the Fan in the clockwise Direction

Since the idea is to save energy, the electricians in Apopka, FL advises running your fan in the opposite direction. This way, warm air will be directed throughout the room. This can be done by flipping a switch beneath the blade of the fan

The idea behind your fan running in this direction is to suck air from the center of the room and direct it to the side of the room. This way, one can ensure that warm and cool air mix together in the room at a steady temperature. This reduces the pressure on your furnace to maintain a warm temperature in the house

3. Set a Higher Thermostat temperature in Summer

In hot seasons, if you will like your ceiling fans to run all day, we recommend that you raise the thermostat temperature slightly. The electricians in Apopka, FL reveals that the ceiling fan doesn’t help to cool the air, it only distributes the cool air.

Asides, it brings about a chill effect just like a chill wind in winter which makes the room feel cool

4. Switch off the Ceiling Fan When out of the House

Thanks to technology, this day's thermostats are programmable hence they can turn off your air conditioning system when you are not around. Most ceiling fans, on the contrary, does not have this advantages yet. Thus, you will have to switch them off by yourself.

This singular action can help save a lot on your energy bills. Yes, we understand that many people might likely forget. This is why it is recommended to turn off the lights, locking the doors and turning off the ceiling fan a daily ritual.

There are many ways one can save on energy bills. The ceiling fan hacks presented above is part of the many ways. The electricians in Apopka, FL are trained in everything regarding electrical works. Give us a call today, we will handle everything regarding electricity in your home and office.

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