7 Types of Outdoor Lights to Consider for Your Orlando Home

7 Types of Outdoor Lights to Consider for Your Orlando Home

7 Types of Outdoor Lights to Consider for Your Orlando Home

Your home is your sanctuary. It is your place to hide away from the rest of the world, and where you spend time with family and friends. To maximize your outdoor environment at your Orlando home, you need to consider seven types of outdoor lighting. Some allow your home to be more secure while other options are designed to make it more beautiful.  

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting allows you to focus visitor’s attention on aspects of your landscaping that look fabulous at night. Accent lighting is particularly striking if you have flowers or plants that love to put on their show at night. There are many different types of accent lights available, including lamps and pedestal lights. Hiding lights behind an object and pointing them towards where you want people to look is a fascinating technique that you might want to consider.  

Path and Drive Lighting

Have you ever driven by a home at night and thought that it looked very imposing? The chances are that most of the lighting was near the house, making it look even bigger in the darkness. If you want to avoid this feeling, then installing path and drive lighting will make your home look warm and inviting. If you choose to install stake lights, place them the radius of their glow if security is your primary concern. Alternatively, set them a little further apart, to create a welcoming glow.  

Tree and Hardscape Lighting

You can easily give a magical glow to trees and hardscaping with the right outdoor lighting. You may even want to get creative by playing with light and shadows to give your home a one-of-a-kind ambiance.  You also have a wide variety of interesting choices when you choose well or spotlights to light up the trunk of an exotic tree or its canopy from beneath.  

Pool and Patio Lighting

Think about flooding a whole area with light by focusing the light on a flat wall or other structure. Then, letting the light bounce off to light the entire area. Another fantastic technique to use is placing a light pointing straight up or straight down on your hardscaping to create a light and shadow display.  

Motion Lights

While most of Orlando is extremely safe, you can increase the safety of your home with motion lights. Placing these lights near windows and entryways can give intruders a big scare sending them scampering on their way.  

Flood Lights

Installing floodlights near buildings that you frequently use at night helps to reduce slip-and-fall injuries. These lights can also give you the ability to see to complete projects in the evening when you are available, and the temperatures are cooler.  

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