Electric Use in Homes Across America

Electric Use in Homes Across America

Electric Use in Homes Across America

There are approximately 128 million households in the United States, and most of them are connected to electricity. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average family uses 867 kilowatt-hours each month. There are some activities in these homes, however, that use more electricity than other activities. Understanding how an average household uses electricity allows you to start making changes to lower your electric bill.


While it may not seem like it during the hot Orlando summers, about 27 percent of the electricity used by American residential consumers goes to heat their homes. Using the dryer and oven may be a great way to warm up your home without turning the thermostat up in your house. Additionally, using a programmable thermostat helps you save energy. If you are buying a new furnace, look for Energy Star-rated models as they are more efficient.


About 19% of electricity goes to cool American homes. There are many ways that you can help cut costs when you are trying to make your home more comfortable. Having ceiling fans installed helps to lower temperatures by about four degrees in a room. Choose heavy drapes to keep the sun out, especially on the south and west side of your home where it is the hottest. As with heating, using a programmable thermostat that automatically allows the temperature to rise in your home a little when no one is at home helps to save electricity.

Water Heaters

About 14 % of the energy used in homes goes to the hot water heater. If you do not want to switch to an alternative energy water heater, then consider having a tankless model installed as they use less electricity. Consider reducing your hot water setting to 120 degrees. Additionally, think about limiting the amount of water that you and your family use each day.

Washer and Dryer

Your washer and dryer consume about 13 % of the energy in your home. In order to save money, consider switching to washing in cold water whenever possible. Do not overfill machines or you will find yourself having to wash and dry the clothes again, which uses more electricity. When you are ready to have these appliances replaced, consider the Energy Star rating to ensure that you are buying the most efficient model possible.


The lights in your home account for about 12 % of your electricity bill. If you are often guilty of leaving the lights on when no one is in a room, think about switching to motion-sensor lights. Whatever decision that you make use the most efficient lightbulbs possible. Choose lower wattage lightbulbs in areas where you do not need bright task lighting.

There are many ways that you can lower your home’s electrical bill. Contact Spectrum Electric LLC to come to make recommendations and changes at your home. These electrical contractors in Orlando want to earn your trust and your business. Call these electrical contractors in Orlando to set up an appointment today.

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