How to Have Power Outside

How to Have Power Outside

How to Have Power Outside

One of the reasons that many people are thankful to live in Florida is the beautiful weather. We are blessed that we can enjoy being outside most of the year. One of the biggest hassles, however, is never having enough electricity to power your favorite devices. There are short-term and long-term solutions that will help solve your exterior electrical woes.

Short-term Solution

The best short-term solution is to use an extension cord for electricity outside. Make sure to choose one that is rated for outdoor use. Watch the wattage as you do not want to run more from the extension cord than it is rated to hold. This will cause the cord to overheat and may cause a fire or your electrical devices to short out. Never use a frayed or worn cord. Additionally, never break the ground plug off an item to make a three-prong end fit into a two-prong extension cord.

Long-term Solutions

Extension cords are only intended for temporary use. Therefore, if you regularly need electricity around your home, talk to electricians in Orlando about installing a GFCI-equipped outlet. In fact, you may discover that you want more than one. These outlets should always have a spring-loaded covering to keep pests, water, dirt and everything else out.

Placing the Outlet

The outlet should be placed near existing wiring in your home. The electrician will drill a hole in the side of your home and insert the outlet and wires. Then, he will connect the wires to the outlet terminal. Before inserting the waterproof cover. It is vital to have a qualified electrician in Orlando, like Spectrum Electric, do this job because you do not want the area around the outlet leaking as water and electricity can be a deadly combination.

Pool and Hot Tub Electricity

You may need additional electricity to operate your pool lights and a hot tub. Before you begin, you need to be sure that your home’s electrical system can handle the extra pull that you are intending on placing on it. Otherwise, now may be a great time to upgrade your home’s electrical system. You also need to see if your system requires a special subpanel disconnect. Check your owner’s manual to find out if you need 120-volt or 240-volt electricity. Many systems require both, so you will need a four-wire system before you can enjoy soaking in your hot tub.

Adding electricity to your landscaping can be a useful addition. Count on the professional electricians in Orlando found at Spectrum Electric to provide you with safe and affordable solutions. You can count on their knowledge to help you plan and implement outstanding solutions that will be a real asset now and far into the future. Use their convenient contact form to set up your appointment. They have been satisfying customers for more than 40 years, but they are always thrilled to earn the respect of a new customer.

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