Improve Productivity in Your Orlando Office With the Right Office Lighting

Improve Productivity in Your Orlando Office With the Right Office Lighting

Improve Productivity in Your Orlando Office With the Right Office Lighting

If it is time to remodel your office or you are moving into a new one, then choosing the right office lighting can have a tremendous effect on your employees. While this is an overlooked aspect of designing your office space, taking time to consider it now can improve your employees' moods and productivity for years to come.  

Pick the Correct Temperature of Lights

Employees will be more productive when they work under bright white lights. Cut down on the amount of bickering in your office by choosing white lights over yellow lights. Yellow lights make employees feel tired, and they will be less productive. Opting for lighting between 3500 and 5500 Kelvin will have the best effect because above that level, your lights become too blue.  

Choose Bright Office Lights

Bright office lights encourage employees to be more productive. Picking LED lights over fluorescent lighting help to eliminate migraines in people who suffer from them. If you do not have enough light in your office, however, workers will feel fatigued and want to go to sleep. If there are dark areas in your office building or if some workers need more light, the addition of desk lights can increase productivity.  

Vary Lighting Across Office Building

There is no debate that natural lighting sources help employees feel better and be more productivity, but that is not always possible. You should not, however, aim to have consistent lighting across your entire building. You should offer brighter lighting in areas surrounding workers' desks while you can provide dimmer lights in other areas. Think about window location and position workstations so that the sun will not reflect off screens, but so that each employee can get as much light as possible.  

Choose the Right Lux or Foot-candles

Lux is the intensity of light as perceived by the human eye, while foot-candles is the amount of light given off by a source within a one square meter area. A great way to determine the amount of lighting needed in each area is to think about the activities done in that area. Areas of your office complex that workers use infrequently need only 50 lux or five foot-candles. Meanwhile, areas where employees will be working with bulky items or large labels need 100 lux or ten foot-candles. The majority of your office workers need areas with 300 lux or 30 foot-candles surrounding their desks where they must work with small items.  

If you need help designing the right office lighting and getting it installed, then contact Spectrum Electric. They want to be your electrical contractor in Orlando, and they will work diligently to prove that they want that position. Contact them today about office lighting as this electrical contractor in Orlando is prepared to do your job quickly and professionally. You can trust them to keep the agreed-upon schedule.  


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