Major Causes and Possible Solutions to Flickering Lights in the Home

Major Causes and Possible Solutions to Flickering Lights in the Home

Major Causes and Possible Solutions to Flickering Lights in the Home

Flickering lights are more than pranks or inconvenience as seen in horror movies Electricity is supposed to make life easier, however with flickering lights, the entire home is not safe.

While flickering lights is downright annoying, it could be a pointer to a much larger issues with your electrical system.

If you are fed up with flickering lights, we have put together some of the common reasons they occur and how to rectify them. Bear in mind however that you need to call the professional electricians in Orlando, FL to repair it.

Here are some of the most common causes of flickering lights:

1. Faulty Connections

If you have a bad connection with a lamp or light, a switch etc, you might have flickering. You can easily detect this when you wiggle the switch. If the flickering continues as you shake the switch, there is a big chance you have a bad switch.

If your switch stays on a lamp cord, replacing it might be pretty easy. However, switches fixed into a socket are best left to electricians in Orlando, FL to repair for you.

2. Loose Bulbs

If you have an unseated bulb, it can rattle in the sockets. This could cause issues with the connection which might trigger flickering. You can fix this by either tightening the bulb or changing it. With this, you will have a solid connection that will get rid of any flickering.

3. Dimmer Switches

When you have a dimmer switch, there is a high probability you will have a flickering LED bulb. Most dimmers in the market are built to handle heavy electrical loads. Hence, when you have low voltage LEDs in there, they might dim or flicker. This also happens when they are connected to higher power switches.

Before buying any bulb, be sure it is compatible with your dimmer. However, to solve this issue, you can replace your dimmer switch with the recommended one that will work with effectively.

4. Bulb Types

Fluorescent lights have a high tendency of flickering when compared to LED and other bulb types. There are many things that cause flickering in a fluorescent bulb for example – bulb age, temperature of the fluorescent etc.

Although, minor flickering is no cause for alarm, you should change the fluorescent bulb if you notice constant flickering. If this approach doesn’t fix the issue, we recommend you call the pros to handle it.


It is not usually a good idea to try and fix any electricity issues by yourself. Hence, when you have flickering lights, get in touch with the pros to help you troubleshoot your electrical system. It is in their expertise to diagnose and solve any issue you might have in a save and timely manner.

If you would like us to help you with flickering light or other electrical works in your home, get in touch with us at Spectrum Electric Inc. We have skilled electrical contractors in Orlando FL to help fix both commercial and private issues with your electrical system.

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