Prevent Fire Outbreak with The Use Of Circuit Breakers

Prevent Fire Outbreak with The Use Of Circuit Breakers

Prevent Fire Outbreak with The Use Of Circuit Breakers

Do you own a house you want to put up for rent? Or are you a new tenant trying to get an apartment? Maybe you have even already inspected a new house and are sure everything is working perfectly. Even if all the electrical appliances in the home seem to be in good order, did you remember to ask about the circuit breaker? Circuit breakers, most times are the last thing the owner of a new house or a tenant moving into a new house remembers to ask about. You can ask Electrical contractors in Orlando, Fl, as this little detail helps to curtail and minimize fire outbreak.

A circuit breaker is used to interrupt power supply in the event of an overload or a short in the circuit it protects. Basically, the work of the breaker is to bring any power overload to your notice. Whenever there is too much power going into the home, the circuit breaker interrupts the supply so that your appliances don't get damaged.

There are various sizes of circuits, and each has the power load that it is built to handle. Placing a power load higher than the power capacity of a circuit most times will result in either circuit damage, overheating or fire outbreak. Electrical contractors in Orlando, FL can help you determine what circuit size best suits your need.

Why do I need To Know My Exact Circuit Fit?

It’s not good enough to just have any circuit breaker as each breaker size determines how effective and efficient your breaker will perform.

Having a circuit breaker that is too small means that there will always be a trip from the breaker every time you turn on an electrical gadget. Thereby preventing the breaker from effectively serving the circuit load.

Having a large breaker increases your risk of fire as the breaker won’t trip when it should, preventing it from effectively protecting the circuit.

Importance Of A Circuit Breaker

  • A circuit breaker minimizes the risk of fire through its ability to detect a current overload or a short.
  • A breaker can be reset manually or automatically after a trip. Unlike a fuse that cannot be reused after an overload.
  • It eradicates time wasted looking for burnt wires especially for wiring inside the wall and eliminates the cost of replacing such cables.

Advanced Breaker Design

New advanced breakers are more precise and faster than the conventional electric circuit breakers. Another component of the advanced breaker is that some are designed in specific ways to protect people from electrical shock rather than prevent damage to a building’s electrical wiring. Electrical contractors in Orlando, FL know the importance of having a good circuit breaker in your home. Speak to us at Spectrum Electric Inc today for a comprehensive home electrical check.

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