Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Keep the House Cool in Summer

Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Keep the House Cool in Summer

Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Keep the House Cool in Summer

The summer heat can be quite unfriendly and uncomfortable even when you have air conditioning. The discomfort gets to your electricity bills as well since you crank up the AC all day in a bid to maintain some coolness.

Hot weather doesn’t only make us uncomfortable, there are studies that show that it can make one frustrated and angry. With this in mind, it is essential to do all in your capacity to keep a cool home during summer.

However, it takes more than cranking up the AC to maintain a cooler indoor air in summer. We have some of the following points to help:

1. Employ Your Gardening Skills

Nature can be of tremendous help in keeping your home cooler during summer. We are not asking you to plant lush green trees but consider simple green plants that can keep direct sunlight at bay will be of tremendous help. To know about planting trees, get in touch with any landscaper. They can be of great help in suggesting useful trees or plants for your home.

2. Change Your Bulbs

When your bulbs get too hot, they can cause the temperature of your house to rise. However, with improvement in technology, you can now power your home with bulbs that won’t turn your home to an oven. There are many LED, Fluorescent and low watt bulbs. Not only do they use less power but keep your home cool. Changing your bulb is a big step, but it can make a big difference in how you feel as well as the temperature of your home. Extremely bright lights are just plain uncomfortable, especially in the hot summer months

3. Use Fewer Appliances and keep them Off

You should form the habit of keeping appliances off during the hot summer. We also recommend hanging your cloths outside during the day to dry rather than using the dryer. With this, you have saved considerably on your electricity bills and also reduced the inflow of heat into your home. Electrical contractors in Orlando FL can help you with the bulb replacement.

4. Consider Using Drapes

When UV rays of sunlight are entering your home, it heats up the temperature of your house. With drapes and curtains, you can block these rays thereby keeping the rest of the house cool.

Thick drapes will keep your home from the harsh heat of the sun during summer months. In the winter, make sure they are up during the hottest time of the day.

In conclusion

If you want to know how to keep your house cool, be sure to take note of the weather. When you have a cool house, you will feel comfortable and your productivity will not be affected. The best part about keeping your house cool is that you get to reduce your electricity bills.

If you will like to make any major changes to your electrical system, like installing ceiling fan, get in touch with us at Spectrum Electric Inc. We have skilled electrical contractors in Orlando FL, which can give you tips on what to do to reduce your electricity consumption.

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