Upgrading Your Home’s Electrical System

Upgrading Your Home’s Electrical System

Upgrading Your Home’s Electrical System

Many homeowners ignore problems with their house’s electrical system. They choose to tolerate lights dimming unexpectantly, there are not enough outlets, and circuit breakers are tripping. Problems with the electrical system are one of the leading causes of house fires. The risk of electrorotation raises substantially. You may also need to repurchase your major appliances sooner. You should not ignore these signs that you need to upgrade your home’s electrical system.

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

If your home is like most in Orlando, you need more electricity now than ever before. Many people, however, try to get by on old electrical panels that were not designed to handle the load placed on them by modern electrical panels. While you may not be noticing any blown fuses or tripped circuits yet, there are other signs that your system is not operating correctly. For example, you might get a tingling sensation whenever you go near a major appliance. You may also notice that some of your outlets are warm to the touch or notice a persistent burning smell.

Update Electrical Wiring

If your house was built in 1980 or before, it is time to replace your home’s electrical wiring. Faulty wiring is the number one cause of house fires, so you do not want to take a chance that your home will burn down or someone will get hurt. You may need to cut holes in your walls to allow wires to run and install new outlets. The chances are that you will also need to climb into the attic to run your new wires. Before you start, make sure that your electrical panel is up to the increased demands that you are putting on it.

Install a New Main Loop

You may also need to install a new main loop in your house. This part located on the outside of your home allows you to connect to the main utility wires. It consists of the service-drop conductors, the weatherhead and the service mast. In most cases, it will need an emergency cutoff allowing officials to cut off electricity to your home in case of an emergency.

Orlando requires you to obtain permits before doing any electrical work on your home. There are specific tasks that you may be able to do yourself. Working with electricity can be very dangerous, however, if you do not know what you are doing. Therefore, it is always better to call an electrician in Orlando, FL. Give Spectrum Electric Inc. a call today as they have the knowledge and equipment needed to redo your home’s electrical system safely and efficiently. You can count on these electricians in Orlando, FL to provide you outstanding customer service.


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