What to Do When Left in the Black

What to Do When Left in the Black

What to Do When Left in the Black

If the electricity has suddenly gone out at your home, then there are some steps that you need to take. Of course, the first one may be to make sure that you have paid your electric bill. Following these steps can help prevent damage to your appliances and keep you informed.

Determine the Power Outage Area

You will want to connect with others in your neighborhood to see if the lights are just out at your house, or it is a broader outage. If you determine it is a more widespread outage, then check with local social media. They will usually have details about how long the outage might last.

Find Your Emergency Supplies

You should already have a kit put together with your family’s emergency supplies in it. The kit should include some flashlights, basic first aid supplies, a battery-operated radio, and candles and matches. If you have an emergency generator, then make sure that it is operating correctly.

Shut Off Your Appliances

When the electricity comes back on, then it may send a power surge through your home. Therefore, it is safest to unplug all electronic appliances to prevent damage. Do not open the freezer or the refrigerator because you will let the cold air out and your food will ruin faster. Wrap blankets around the unit to provide extra insulation. When the power comes back on, food in the freezer is generally safe to eat as if it has ice crystals on it. Wait a few minutes after the power comes back on before you plug appliances back in so they are not damaged by surges in the line.

Unplug Electronics

You will also want to unplug all your electronics. Use your smartphone as little as possible to preserve power in case the electricity is off for an extended time. You do not have to unplug your electronics if you have a great power strip with a good surge protector.

Stay Cool

It is vital that you stay as cool as possible during a power outage. Make sure to drink plenty of tap or bottled water as you do not want to open your refrigerator. Wear loose-fitting clothing that is made of natural fibers because they generally breathe better. If you know that some rooms in your home are naturally hotter, make sure those rooms are shut off. Additionally, since heat rises, you will have an easier time sleeping at the lowest level of your home.

While most power outages last only a few hours, you may want to get an electrical generator to keep your home running smoothly. Contact an electrical contractor in Orlando, FL, like Spectrum Electric Inc.,  to install it for you. You can find many different sizes and options available. Make sure to talk to these trusted electrical contractors in Orlando to see which option will work best for your home.


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