Does My Circuit Breaker Need to Be Replaced?

Does My Circuit Breaker Need to Be Replaced?

Does My Circuit Breaker Need to Be Replaced?

Many people may be concerned if their circuit breaker continuously trips or short circuits.  This can result in a loss of power in certain areas of the house, which can be a headache to reset over and over again.  However, when your circuit breaker keeps tripping, it may only require a quick repair from electrical contractors in Orlando, FL.  The experts will be able to detect the issues quickly and fix it before they even leave your home.  There are a few reasons why circuit breakers tend to trip often.

You Overloaded Your Circuit

Circuit overloads are one of the main causes of tripping circuit breakers.  This happens when you want more electricity to flow than the circuit breaker can handle.  This can cause overheating.  Once the circuit is overheated, all of the appliances that are powered by that circuit are then put at risk.  When your circuit breaker trips, it is preventing your appliances from overheating and incurring permanent damage.  This can also prevent electrical fires.  One way to combat this issue is to distribute your appliances to utilize multiple circuits.  This way, you won't overload one particular circuit and exceed its electrical capacity.

You Have Short Circuits

Short circuits are also a common cause of tripping circuit breakers.  However, short circuits are more dangerous.  These are caused when a hot wire comes into contact with a neutral wire in one of your outlets.  A large amount of electricity then passes through it, and the circuit can simply not handle it.  It trips to prevent any danger, including fires.  This happens when you have faulty wiring or loose connections.  Typically, this is identifiable with a burning smell around the circuit breaker box.  Also, you may notice it has turned brown or black from the burn.  Avoid this with routine electrical inspections by our electrical contractors in Altamonte Springs, FL.

You Have Experienced a Ground Fault Surge

Ground fault surges are not as common as the first two causes, but they are similar in nature to short circuits.  They occur when a hot wire touches a ground wire made of copper, or when they come in contact with a metal outlet connected to a ground wire.  This also causes more electricity to pass through than the circuit can handle, which causes the circuit breaker to trip.  When it trips, it protects your appliances and your homes from overheating and from potential fires.  You can also identify this issue by smelling a burning odor or noticing a brown or black discoloration around the circuit.

These are three of the main reasons why your circuit breaker may keep tripping.  Even though this can be a pain to fix, it will likely not require full replacement.  Whenever you have electrical hazards or concerns in your home, you'll always want to contact the professional electrical contractors in Orlando, FL for assistance.  We will come to your home to inspect the electrical concerns and remedy them, leaving your home safe for your loved ones.  Contact us to schedule an electrical inspection today.

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