Five Ways to Save Energy when Working from Home

Five Ways to Save Energy when Working from Home

Five Ways to Save Energy when Working from Home

Are you working from home and constantly feel like you are burning energy?  Have you noticed a dramatic increase in your energy bills since you've started working from home this year?  Even though there are many benefits to working from home, you will likely have had to make many adjustments to your life to accommodate the new normal.  One of these changes has likely been related to the use of energy in your household.  As electrical contractors in Orlando, FL, we help many of our clients streamline their energy usage in their homes.  There are a few ways to save energy when you are working from home.

Unplug Devices when You're Done

After you sign out for the day, take the time to unplug your devices and computer.  When you leave these devices plugged in all the time, you actually burn more energy than you need to.  One of the simplest ways to reduce your energy usage is to take a few seconds to unplug these devices after you are done.  

Turn Your Computer Off

Do you often leave your computer on even when you aren't using it?  Many people leave their monitors on or their laptops open even after being done working for the day.  However, this can actually cause you to expend more energy that results in larger electricity bills.  Take the time to use power management strategies, put your computer to sleep, or even turn off your computer when you are done for the day.

Manage Your Lighting

Many people don't know that the type of lightbulbs they use can contribute to their excessive use of energy.  Swap out your old lightbulbs for LED lightbulbs.  These lightbulbs are much more energy efficient and longer lasting.  Many people that work from home also believe that they provide much brighter light than fluorescent bulbs do.

Control the Temperature

Another way to expel less energy when you are working from home is to manage the temperature of your home.   Installing a programmable thermostat is a great way to regulate the temperature of your home without needing to adjust it on a daily basis.  This can save you much money on energy bills associated with heating and cooling your place.  Also, when you leave your home for an extended period of time, consider adjusting the temperature since you won't be there anyways.

Don't Be Afraid of Draining the Battery

Many people that are working from home will keep their phones on the charger, which means they are always charged to full capacity.  However, this is a huge drain on your energy.  Since you are home, you don't need to worry about being far from your charger.  Don't be afraid to drain your phone battery until you absolutely need to charge it.

These are a few of the ways that you can save energy when you are working from home.  To combat some of the setbacks that this year has brought us, you will want to make any positive changes to your life that you can.   This can start with your energy bills.  As electrical contractors in Orlando, FL, we can assist with optimizing your energy output in your home.  Contact us to hear about how we can help you today.

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