Four Electrical Repairs Frequently Caused By Florida Storm Damage

Four Electrical Repairs Frequently Caused By Florida Storm Damage

Four Electrical Repairs Frequently Caused By Florida Storm Damage

Whenever a storm passes through central Florida, many homes suffer from damages they weren't prepared to tackle.  This includes electrical repairs.  Often times, this leads homeowners to pick up the phone and contact their local electrical contractors in Apopka, FL.  We are here to help you restore electrical power and safety after a lightning or wind storm damages your home.  Because storms are common in central Florida, we are prepared to help at any hour of the day.  Here is a list of the electrical repairs that occur frequently due to damages from Florida storms.

Electrical Panel Repairs

Your electrical panel is the hub of your electricity in your home, as this is where all of the circuit breakers are located.  If this malfunctions after a storm, it may have been struck by lightning or compromised.  Homeowners should always contact an electrician to repair their electrical panel anytime it is damaged by a storm.  This can create a fire hazard and put you in danger if you try to repair it yourself, so always trust the professionals for this task.

Electrical Surges

Lighting storms and wind storms cause many power lines to short out or even fall, which can cause electrical surges across many neighborhoods.  If your home has been damaged by an electrical surge, you'll want to contact your electrician to come out and restore power.  They will also inspect your home for any damaged wires or fire hazards that may have been created from the power surge.  Homeowners may never recognize this internal damage until it is too late, so it is critical to request the help of an electrician after an electrical surge damages your home.

Electrical Inspections

After storms pass through, many homeowners require electrical inspections to determine the extent of damages in their home.  Their insurance companies often require these inspections in order to determine the cost of repairs needed to restore the home.  Our experienced electricians are trained to perform these inspections and work with the insurance companies to help repair the damages for the homeowner.

Generator Installations

In order to prepare for storms, many Florida homeowners actually have generators installed to avoid losing power completely.  Businesses rely on our electrical contractors in Apopka, FL to install generators to help keep their doors open after a large storm passes through the area.  We frequently perform this service to ensure that our clients will have electricity and power no matter what the weather brings.

These are just a few of the electrical damages that are frequently caused by Florida lightning and wind storms.  Electrical issues are commonly reported after hurricanes, as the strong winds and lightning storms that damage neighborhoods also pull down power lines, cause electrical surges, and much more.  If you are in need of electrical repairs after a storm damages your home, contact our electrical contractors in Apopka, FL today.

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