Guidelines for Safe Lightbulb Disposal

Guidelines for Safe Lightbulb Disposal

Guidelines for Safe Lightbulb Disposal

Have you been wondering what to do with the lightbulbs when they need to be replaced?  Have you noticed many recycling bins at home improvement stores that are designated for lightbulbs?  Do you want to properly dispose of lightbulbs in your own home?  Many people are actually unaware of how to properly dispose of their lightbulbs once they are done with them, but this is actually important information every homeowner should know.  Our electricians in Orlando, FL can educate you on the proper ways to dispose the most common types of lightbulbs found in your home.  For safe and proper disposal, follow these guidelines when you replace your lightbulbs.

Fluorescent Bulbs

These popular bulbs are great for saving energy in your home, which makes them a great replacement for any of the older bulbs in your home.  However, they contain the hazardous element of mercury, which must be disposed of properly.  If you throw fluorescent bulbs in the garbage, they will release toxic chemicals into landfills and endanger our planet.  Instead, you will want to recycle these bulbs so they can be repurposed and processed correctly.

Incandescent Bulbs

This type of bulb can actually be thrown in the garbage.  Because incandescent bulbs do not contain any toxic chemicals, they do not pose any danger to the landfills.  Before you throw these lightbulbs away, you should wrap in them in dirty, old towels or other garbage to keep them from breaking.  Once they are broken, they can cause accidental injury to anyone who comes in contact with them.

LED Bulbs

These bulbs are also energy efficient, which makes them a wildly popular option for many homeowners looking to curb their energy bills.  Although they do not contain mercury, they actually contain many other hazardous substances that will require special disposal.  When they end up in the landfill, they emit arsenic and lead into the air and ground, which can danger many.  You will want to contact your local recycling center to see if they will accept LEDs.

Halogen Bulbs

These bulbs contain halogen gas, which makes them difficult for recycling.  Although many people just simply throw these types of bulbs in the trash, you will want to first check with your recycling center to see if they will accept halogen bulbs.  This will differ depending on their ability to repurpose these bulbs.  No matter how you dispose of it, you want to be sure to wrap it to prevent any breaking.

Avoid simply throwing away your old lightbulbs by instead following these guidelines to ensure proper disposal of lightbulbs.  Our electricians in Orlando, FL have educated many homeowners on proper electrical and light safety procedures, which also include proper removal from the home.  Contact us to hear about how we can help keep your home safe today.

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