How to Handle Electrical Damage after a Storm

How to Handle Electrical Damage after a Storm

How to Handle Electrical Damage after a Storm

Have you recently suffered from damages from a lightning storm?  Do you worry about the state of your electricity?  When lightning strikes your home, it can cause extensive damage that may not always be immediately noticeable.  If you suspect electrical damage, you will want to do a few things to assess the state of your wiring and electronics and also mitigate additional damage.  These are a few of the important steps you need to take after you suffer from electrical damage in your home.

Check Outlets for Functionality

Take the time to go through the house and test each one of your outlets to determine if it still works.  When you do this walk-through, take any notes to indicate where the damages are.  As you perform this, you will also want to turn on any of the electronics that were plugged directly into these outlets to determine if they also work.  Electronics are the most common casualties of storm damage.

Determine Extent of Wiring Damage

In addition to checking all the outlets, you will want to check on the wiring in your home.  It may be difficult to do this, as much of the wiring in your home is likely behind the walls.  If you are concerned about internal wiring, you will want to call an electrician to check this out for you.  Take notice of any frayed wires and electronics that smell strange.

Test Your Phones

If you happen to have landline phones in your home, you will want to check to make sure that these are still working.  Because the wiring of your home was likely compromised by storm damage, you may also not have working phones.  

Check for Water Damage

When lightning travels to your home, it will likely travel through the wiring or the pipes.  When lightning travels through the pipes, it can also damage it by puncturing or breaking the pipes entirely.  This can lead to water damage from leaks or even more extensive flooding.  Take notice of any potential leaks that may be hidden under the floorboards or behind bathtubs.  If you notice any water damage, you'll want to contact the professionals to mitigate any further damage.

Contact Electricians in Orlando, FL

Anytime you suffer from a lightning strike caused by a storm, you will want to trust the opinions and assessments of a professional.  Because many of the electrical components of your home are hidden, you will require full evaluation using only tools that electricians have on hand.

These are just a few of the steps that you'll want to take to keep your home and loved ones safe after you have electrical issues from a storm.  If you are looking for help from a professional, contact the electricians in Orlando, FL to keep yourself safe today.

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