How to Properly Put Out an Electrical Fire

How to Properly Put Out an Electrical Fire

How to Properly Put Out an Electrical Fire

Have you ever put out an electrical fire?  Dealing with an electrical fire isn't the same as dealing with a fire that's caused by other elements, so you'll want to be cautious.  Understanding how to properly put out an electrical fire can be the difference between having catastrophic damage and just having a few burnt items.  As electrical contractors in Orlando, FL, we inspect many homes and businesses for electrical hazards in hopes to prevent electrical fires.  If you happen to be faced with an electrical fire, you'll want to follow these steps to put it out.

Put Your Safety First

If you have a growing electrical fire in your home, you will want to take the right precautions to put your safety first.  You should always call 911 to alert them of the electrical fire first.  This will ensure that help is on the way.  Check to make sure that there are at least two paths to exit the home safely, and then work to extinguish the fire with your fire extinguisher.  If one of the paths becomes blocked, you should get out of there immediately.

Disconnect all the Electricity

You should also disconnect all of the electricity that runs towards the cause of the fire.  This will mitigate any additional damage to your electronics.  If you have safe access to your circuit breaker, turn off the electricity at the source.  This will protect your home from suffering from a larger electrical fire.

Use Baking Soda for Small Fires

If the fire is small and contained, throw baking soda over the fire.  Baking soda has Class C fire extinguishing chemicals that can prevent small fires from spreading.  When an outlet or extension cord lights on fire, this is a suitable solution to prevent any spreading.

Avoid Water Unless Electricity is Off

It may be one of your first instincts to reach for a bucket of water or hose to put out a fire, but you'll want to avoid this with an electrical fire if the electricity has not been turned off yet.  If you throw water on the fire, you risk getting shocked or electrocuted.

Be Proactive

Most electrical fires can actually be prevented by having routine electrical inspections.  Our electrical contractors in Orlando, FL can come to your business or home to inspect for hazards and repair any electrical issues you may have.  When you are proactive, you can prevent these fires from ever even occurring.

These are some of the steps you can take to properly prepare for an electrical fire.  Putting out an electrical fire requires special care and attention that is slightly different than a normal fire.  If you are concerned about the electrical status of your building, you should pick up the phone for an electrical inspection.  Contact us to schedule your inspection today.

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