The Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards Found in the Home

The Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards Found in the Home

The Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards Found in the Home

Although we may not see electricity, we know it is there.  When we flick a switch, a light comes on, and when we turn on the TV, it is immediately illuminated.  This power can seem like a convenience to many, but it also requires care and safety practices in order to function properly.  Electricians in Orlando, FL are trained to spot electrical hazards that are commonly found in many businesses and homes.  We protect our clients from the dangers these hazards can pose, especially in places where many people congregate, work, and live.  There are a few dangerous electrical hazards that are commonly found inside many homes.

Poor Wiring or Wiring Issues

Many homeowners are not trained to know the difference between faulty wiring and excellent wiring.  Poor wiring can actually create a fire hazard that can go undetected until it is too late.  There are a few telltale signs of poor wiring in your home.  Look for issues including frayed wires, loose connections, overheated appliances and wires, cracked or corroded wire insulation, and chewed electrical wiring.  

Using Water on Electrical Fires

Homeowners may think that putting out all fires with water is a good idea.  However, this is a bad idea to put out electrical fires.  When you put water on an electrical fire, you can actually make the issue worse.  This can cause the fire to grow and put you at risk for electrocution.

Outlets near Water

Many bathrooms and kitchen have outlets that are located close to water sources, such as sinks and faucets.  This creates a major electrical hazard, as water and electricity do not mix.  Avoid electrocution by keeping the wires near water dry all the time.  Also, be sure that you keep splashing to a minimum in order to avoid electrocution or electrical shorts.

Wet Hands near Electricity

Always be sure to thoroughly dry your hands before you touch any electrical equipment, including kitchen appliances, wires, technology, and outlets.  When you have wet fingers, you will put yourself at risk for electrocution.  This can cause sparks to fly, which can then turn into a fire.  Also, it can give you extensive internal damages when it is severe.

Extension Cords

Not only do exposed extension cords pose a tripping hazard, but they also pose an electrical hazard.  Whenever you plug too many extension cords into one outlet, this can trip the power and cause a surge.  Also, extension cords should never be replacements for permanent power sources, so never use them for appliances or other large pieces of equipment.

These are some of the most dangerous electrical hazards that can be found in almost anyone's home.  When you are curious about the electrical safety in your home, you'll want to trust the expertise and inspection of electricians in Orlando, FL.  Contact us today to have a thorough home inspection to rid your home of electrical hazards for good.

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