Common Electrical Issues that Should to be Addressed ASAP

Common Electrical Issues that Should to be Addressed ASAP

Common Electrical Issues that Should to be Addressed ASAP

Have you noticed that your lights flicker when they are supposed to be on?  Do you have burnt out lightbulbs in your home?  When you have certain electrical issues that you notice every day, you will want to trust the expertise of our electrical contractors in Apopka, FL so that you can have them inspected quickly.  These are hazards that can cause dangers in the home, like electrocution or even fires.  These are some of the most common electrical issues that should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible.

Lights that Flicker

Flickering lights may be indicative of a poor connection in your wiring.  When this occurs, it can lead to eventual arcing.  This is caused by loose or corroded connections that will make intermittent contact with one another.  As a result, they may cause sparking, erosion, or even fires to start in the home.

Lightbulbs that Burn Out

When you experience frequent bulb blowouts, it could be more serious than just a simple overuse issue.  This may point to a loose connection in your outlet or your circuit.   If you have specific recessed lights that are often burning out, it may indicate that you have insulation in your ceiling that is causing issues.  Be sure that you immediately address these issues so that you don't cause any fires in your home.

Outlets that are Dead

Dead outlets can result from a tripped poor connection, which isn't a bad thing.  However, it may indicate a more hazardous issue, like a tripped breaker that was caused by excessive heat buildup resulting in melted wires or outlets.  When you have any heat buildup issues, you will want to have these addressed immediately.

Outlets that Are Warm to the Touch

Warm outlets should be addressed quickly if you notice them.  Anytime you mix heat with electricity, you will want a professional electrician to come out and check it out.   Be sure that you immediately turn off the outlet and avoid using it until it can be inspected.

Circuit Breakers that Trip Frequently

Typically, circuit breakers trip when the circuit is overloaded.  This happens when you plug too many electronics into the same outlet and you are running too many things at once.  However, you may want to have certain breakers inspected if they trip all the time.  This issue can indicate that it may be time for you to add another circuit in your home or even have certain wiring replaced in your home.

These are just a few of the most common electrical hazards that might compromise the safety of your home and loved ones.  When you are concerned about electrical safety, you will want to trust the opinions of electrical contractors in Apopka, FL for an inspection.  Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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