Five Common Electrical Issues Found in Your Home

Five Common Electrical Issues Found in Your Home

Five Common Electrical Issues Found in Your Home

There is not anything more annoying than a socket that does not work, lights that flicker, or appliances that become damaged due to electrical issues.  Sometimes the best solution to these problems is calling electricians in Apopka, FL to come out and inspect the problem.  It is surely the safest option.  However, you may not know what electrical issues warrant an electrician to come out and fix the problems.  There are a few common electrical issues that are often found in residences.

Electrical Surges

There are several reasons why electrical surges occur, such as:

  • Damaged Power lines
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Bad Household Wiring
  • Faulty Appliances

Any one of these can be bad for you and your home. While the duration of the surge itself is only a single microsecond long, frequently occurring surges will cause damage to the electrical components in your home. This will greatly decrease their life span.  Cheaply made power boards and devices need to be unplugged to see if this helps prevent further surging.  If that does not solve the issue, you should probably contact and electrician.

Failing Light Switches

Switches that do not work properly, dimmer switches that are not appropriately adjusting, and other faulty light switch issues could simply be shoddy workmanship, or sub-standard parts. This is one of those times you should consult with and electrician and have the problem resolved soon.

Lighting Too Bright or Dim

There are two possible causes of the lights in your house being brighter than normal while other lighting is dim.  These two reasons include:

  1. Different Wattage from Different Types of Light
  2. Poor Neutral Connection

High Electrical Bills

There are several factors that can cause your electric bill to be high, you can reduce these costs by:

  • Switching Providers
  • Identifying Faulty Devices Causing Surges
  • Leaks in the Hot Water System Patched
  • When Not Being Used, Unplugging any Devices or Appliances
  • Repairing damaged circuits and/or wires.

Frequently Tripped Circuit Breaker

This is one of those problems that could be profoundly serious and dangerous if left unchecked. Microwaves, hairdryers, and other high wattage items are known for tripping breakers. The breakers are designed to protect you, when it trips, it is doing its job. However, it could be a bad circuit all together and witho0ut being addressed can cause further issues. So, if you have a frequently tripping circuit breaker, make sure to contact an electrician asap and have the issue addressed before it's too late.

These are a few of the most common electrical hazards that are present in the home.  While many electrical issues can be resolved with simple troubleshooting, sometimes it is best to hire electricians in Apopka, FL. It is better to be safe than sorry, and electrical work is no joke. Wiring and devices used to manage the power output can be delicate and need to be regularly inspected.  Contact us to schedule an inspection today.

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