Five Electrical Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Five Electrical Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Five Electrical Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Are you concerned with the electrical safety of your home?  Do you worry about the threat of electrical fires that can occur from accidents or issues with your electricity?  Understanding how to protect yourself against burns, electrocution, and fires is important when it comes to following proper electrical safety practices.  This is especially important if you have children in your home, as they will not understand the repercussions of playing with outlets or electrical cords.  As electrical contractors in Apopka, FL, we work with many homeowners to ensure that their home is safe from an electrical standpoint.  There are also a few tips we urge them to follow to keep their homes safe.

Avoid Using Extension Cords

We all use extension cords from time to time.  However, when you start to depend on the use of extension cords in everyday life, you are presenting a safety issue in your home.  Extension cords should only be used safely in certain instances, like when you need to install holiday lights or you need an extra plug for a short period of time.  Avoid using extension cords on an everyday basis, as they present tripping hazards and can be easy to fray.

Replace Damaged Cords

If you notice any frayed or damaged wires in your home, you will want to replace them immediately.  Touching exposed wires can lead to injury, such as shock, burns, or electrocution.  Over time, wires may fray from frequent use.  When you see this issue, you want to act quickly to replace the wire with a properly insulated one.

Don't Plug In Too Many Things

There is a reason why outlets only come with a few plugs.  Overcrowding outlets can actually lead to shorted circuits or overheating.  When these issues persist, it can lead you to get electrocuted when you go to plug something into that particular outlet, or it can lead to destruction of the electronics that are plugged in.  Avoid plugging too many devices and electronics into the same outlet.

Beware of Water

Always keep water away from any electronics.  If you are in the bathroom, you want to set up your hairdryers and styling tools away from the sink and bathtub.  Also, never put the toaster close to the kitchen sink when you are making your breakfast.  Dry your hands thoroughly before ever plugging in any electronics.  When you mix water and electric, you risk electrocution that can leave you severely injured.

Childproof to Protect Children

If you have children in your home, you will need to take a few extra steps to keep electricity away from their hands.  Kids love to put their fingers in outlets, which can result in burns or electrocution.  Use outlet covers to prevent this.  Also, you will want to hide any wires to prevent tripping or prevent them from putting these in their mouth.  Always make sure that they cannot access the electronics.

These are a few of the electrical safety habits you will want to adopt that will keep your home and loved ones safe from hazards.  By preventing electrical fires, burns, electrocution, and other hazards, you will be able to prevent damages or injuries from these incidents.  If you are looking for quality electrical contractors in Apopka, FL, contact the professionals at Spectrum Electric Inc. today.

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