Five Safety Tips for Extension Cords

Five Safety Tips for Extension Cords

Five Safety Tips for Extension Cords

Do you find yourself always using extension cords to power your devices in your home?  Are you worried that you are not following the right safety methods for your extension cords?  Even though extension cords may not seem dangerous, they can cause many electrical problems when they are used incorrectly.  As electrical contractors in Apopka, FL, we provide many electrical safety tips to keep your home safe and functional.  These are a few safety tips that you need to follow when you are using extension cords.

Get Rid of Damaged Cords

Damaged cords can pose a safety hazard in your home.  When you notice frays, loose connections, missing insulation, and weak prongs, you will want to toss those cords in the trash.  It is important to go through your extension cords to check for any of these issues before you connect them to the power.  When these wires become live, they can cause sparks, fires, or electrocution.

Practice Proper Wrapping for Storage

In order to store your extension cords properly to avoid damage, you should practice wrapping them up.  Storing them in a neat wrap will prevent them from becoming frayed or damaged.  By wrapping them up in a neat pattern, you can also store them securely without taking up any extra space.  It is recommended to store extension cords on wall hooks to prevent any tripping hazards.

Unwrap Cords When in Use

Even though you tightly wrap the cords when you store them, you will want to unwrap them before you use them.  This will prevent heat from building up and becoming a fire hazard.  A coiled extension cord will trap heat, and this can cause the electricity to build up and eventually may spark. 

Use the Right Amps

Be sure that you choose an extension cord that has the right number of amps for the job it is performing.  If your extension cord is too powerful, or has too many amps, it may cause fires, damage the cord, or damage the device you are powering.  Take the time to familiarize yourself with how much power you need for each job, and then read the instructions on your extension cord to make sure that it fits your needs.

Avoid Covering Cords

When you cover cords with rugs, blankets, or furniture, it can pose a fire hazard in your home.  Even though many people may want to cover the appearance of an extension cord, you should avoid this temptation.  Keep the area clear of any clutter so that nothing will be able to ignite or cause harm to anyone in your home.

These are a few safety tips that you need to follow when you are using extension cords.  By practicing electrical safety in your home, you will prevent fires and other electrical hazards that are common when you misuse extension cords.  If you are concerned about the safety of your electricity, contact our electrical contractors in Apopka, FL to schedule an inspection today.

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