Five Signs that Your Wall Light Switch May Be Defective

Five Signs that Your Wall Light Switch May Be Defective

Five Signs that Your Wall Light Switch May Be Defective

Have you noticed that your wall switch has been making strange noises when you turn it on and off?  Has your wall switch simply stopped working?  Wall light switches are some of the most commonly used electrical components in our house each day.  We frequently turn them on and off as we enter and leave rooms, which give them a lot of usage over their years.  It's not strange from them to have wear and tear or even go bad after many years.  Our electrical contractors in Apopka, FL can come out to inspect your wall switches if you happen to notice one of these potential warning signs that may indicate a defective switch.

It Doesn't Work Every Time

Does your light switch work only some of the time?  When you switch your light up and down, you should be able to quickly watch your lights flicker as you do it.  However, when you don't see this, there might be something wrong with it.

It Sparks

It is actually normal to see sparks coming from your wall switch when you turn the lights off.  Typically, this doesn't indicate a problem when it occurs alone.  However, if the sparks are also accompanied by smoking, you will want to tend to this issue immediately.  You will likely need to replace the switch before it causes any other issues or fires in your home.

It Makes Noise

When you flick your switches on and off, you should never be able to hear any noises.  If you hear a strange noise, you may have a defective switch.  You may hear a range of electrical sounds, like hissing, buzzing, sizzling, or clicking.  These can be caused by loose wire connections that indicate it is time to replace it.

It is Warm to Touch

Although it is normal for dimmers to feel slightly warm, especially when you go to turn it off, it is not normal for your dimmer switch to be noticeably warm.  Also, a normal toggle switch should never be warm. In fact, it should always feel cool to touch.  If you notice anything different, you likely have an issue that will require an electrician to handle it.  Warm switches can indicate loose wire connections, and you will want to fix this safety issue quickly.

It Seems Strange

If something seems "off," you should get your wall switch checked by a professional.  If the toggle isn't functioning properly, you may notice that it doesn't snap into place or it takes extra force to move up and down, you may need to replace it soon.

These are some of the signs that may indicate your wall switch is defective or has become worn out.  Wall switches are used frequently over many years, which can cause them to go bad after time has passed.  If you concerned about the safety or function of your wall switch, contact our electrical contractors in Apopka, FL for an appointment today.

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