Five Tips for Pool Owners to Curb Electric Bills

Five Tips for Pool Owners to Curb Electric Bills

Five Tips for Pool Owners to Curb Electric Bills

Are you looking for creative solutions to save money when operating your Florida swimming pool?  As experts in pool lighting, landscape electrics, and other deck lighting options, our electrical contractors in Winter Park, FL can help provide you with the solutions you are looking for.  From using pool covers to installing all LED lights, you will be able to save money while still enjoying all the benefits of your swimming pool.  It can be expensive to run your swimming pool all year round, so you'll want to follow some of these tips to help you curb those energy costs without compromising the aesthetic and enjoyment your pool brings you and your family.

Get a Pool Cover

Many people choose to use a pool cover when the temperatures drop in order to keep their pool well-heated.  When colder temperatures are in the area, you should cover the pool so that heat cannot escape.  This provides insulation that will prevent your heater from having to work overtime to compensate during colder bouts.

Use Automatic Controllers

Invest in an automatic controller to help you maintain the temperature of your water.  This device works like a programmable thermostat that you would keep inside your home, only it is used for your pool water.  When you use an automatic controller, you won't need to worry about wasting money because you forgot to turn off the heater after a pool party.  It will self-regulate so that the water is always ready for swimming without wasting energy.

Switch to LED Lighting

If you have lighting around your pool, you should switch to LED lightbulbs.  LED lightbulbs work much more efficiently than other types of bulbs, and they also last much longer.  Because of this, they will require much less energy to emit even more light than fluorescent or halogen bulbs.

Use Solar Panels

Have you ever considered using the Florida sunshine to heat your pool?  By installing solar panels on your rooftop, you will be able to channel this natural energy and heat your swimming pool.  Although they are an expensive investment up front, they will save you from costly energy bills over their lifetime.

Perform Routine Inspections

If you don't perform basic maintenance and repair on your pool filter, you may actually cause larger issues.  Your filter will continue to run, even if it is not working effectively, which will waste energy.  Take the time to inspect and clean your filter so that it stays in optimal shape, and this will decrease the amount of time it needs to operate to clean your pool.

By taking this advice, you will start to notice a drop in the electric bills that you pay to keep your pool up and running.  If you need help making energy efficient improvements to your outdoors space, contact our quality electrical contractors in Winter Park, FL to schedule your appointment today.

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