Five Tips that Will Protect Your Family from Fire Hazards in the Home

Five Tips that Will Protect Your Family from Fire Hazards in the Home

Five Tips that Will Protect Your Family from Fire Hazards in the Home

Electricity is a dangerous hazard that needs to be carefully monitored in your home.  Fire prevention in the home is important to protect your belongings and your loved ones, and this start with electrical safety.  Because electricity can pose fire hazards that can devastate your home, you need to be mindful and carefully inspect your electrical components of your home.  As electrical contractors in Apopka, FL, we can help to make your home safe.  These are a few tips that will help to protect your family from fire hazards that are commonly present in the home.

Avoid Smoking Indoors

Most smoking-related fires start inside the home, often from soft furnishings, bedding, or mattresses. Always smoke outside and completely extinguish cigarettes in an ashtray when done. Before tossing cigarettes, soak them in water.  Because of the explosive properties of medical oxygen, smoking should never be permitted in any home where it is used.

Be Cautious When Burning Candles

Make sure to blow out your candles before leaving a room and keep them away from bedspreads and other objects. If you find yourself getting sleepy, blow off the candle. Never place them on an uneven surface, such as carpet, as they are prone to tipping over. If you have pets, keep lit candles out of their reach.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Pets

In the moments you are not at home, keep pets, especially new, untrained pets, in a separate area or a safe room where they cannot confuse electrical cords for chew toys or a bathroom.  This will also keep your pets from nesting in tight spots, such as the refrigerator motor.

Safely Store Inflammable Substances

Cleaning products, and cosmetics such as hairspray and shaving cream, could be hazardous. They can explode if exposed to high levels of heat source. Keep them away from heating systems and store them securely in a cool place.

Safely Use Household Appliances

Since frayed or faulty wires can cause a fire, it is critical to use safe appliance cords. Perform regular checks around your home and replace any damaged cables. Never overload extension cords or wall sockets, or place cables under furniture or rugs. Furthermore, do not try to force a three-slot plug into a two-slot outlet. If a light switch or electrical outlet is extremely hot or discolored, turn off the power and replace it.

These are just a few of the tips that you need to follow to prevent fire hazards in the home.  By preventing fires by practicing electrical safety, you protect your home and family from the threat and devastation fire can cause.  If you are looking for electrical contractors in Apopka, FL, trust the experts at Spectrum Electric.  Contact us to schedule your electrical inspection today.

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