Five Ways to Protect Your Home from Lightning

Five Ways to Protect Your Home from Lightning

Five Ways to Protect Your Home from Lightning

Are you concerned about the safety of your home if your home is struck by lightning?  Do you have extreme storms in your area?  When you live in an area that is prone to many lightning storms, you may want to install some extra protective features to keep your electronics and home features safe.  Lightning can not only cause your home to light on fire, but it can also destroy the electrical components of your home.  As electrical contractors in Winter Park, FL, we can help you prepare your home with the right protective elements.  These are a few ways that you can protect your home from the dangers of lightning.

Install an Air Terminal

Air terminals are more frequently known as lightning rods.  These aluminum or copper parts are strategically mounted on the roof so that they take the lightning strike head on, which prevents it from entering the interior of your home.  When this occurs, this can cause extensive damage to the entire structure of your home. These rods intercept lightning strikes before they hit the home, sparing you from these damages.

Conduct the Lightning in the Ground

Every home should have at least two ground rods that are installed ten feet or more into the earth.  This component directs the electrical current into the ground, reducing the chance of injury or property damage.

Use Bonds

When you choose to use bonds to protect your home from lightning, an expert will install metallic roof parts into the ground.  These will reduce the risk of side flashing and increase conductivity, which will help to bring the electrical current from lightning away from the home.

Suppress the Surge Before It Comes in the Home

Electrical surges are surges of electricity that often follow when lightning strikes your home.  Surge suppressors are installed in your electrical panels to prevent any extra surges of electricity from coming into your home.  When these suppressors are professionally installed, they protect you home, electronics, and appliances.

Protect Your Trees

Homes that have trees within ten feet of the property should also have tree protectors installed to keep electricity from also damaging the trees.  These protectors should prevent trees from being struck by lightning and splitting, falling onto the roof of the home or breaking the windows when it falls.  By protecting your trees, you also spare your home from any additional property damage.

These are some of the ways that you can protect your home from the dangers of lightning striking your home.  By investing in the right protection systems from electrical contractors in Winter Park, FL, you can protect your home from suffering electrical damage if lightning strikes.  Contact us to hear about how we can help you protect your electricity today.

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