Four Electrical Upgrades to Prepare for the School Year

Four Electrical Upgrades to Prepare for the School Year

Four Electrical Upgrades to Prepare for the School Year

As the school year starts, you will notice that your electrical bills may get a little higher.  You will be spending more time indoors, and you will be helping with more homework in the evenings.  Because of these small changes, you will want to increase the energy efficiency and make some electrical changes to your home.  The school year will be much more successful when you make a few adjustments to your home’s electricity.  These are a few electrical upgrades that you can make to start the school year on the right foot.

Upgraded Office Lighting

When the school year starts, you can anticipate that your children will start to do their homework after school hours, which will require more electricity to be used more frequently.  To make their study space a more efficient area for concentration, you need to consider upgrading the lighting features.  Your study space should have overhead lighting, desk lighting, and ambient lighting to reduce eye strain.

Install a Dedicated Computer Circuit

When you overload one of your electrical circuits, you risk ruining the circuit and any of the electrical components that are plugged into it.  This is important when you are running your computer programs to get work done.  Those who go to cyber school or do virtual learning in their district need to have the electrical capacity to handle the power of multiple devices.  Consider installing a specific circuit that is dedicated to the computer.

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

If you work from home and your kids are also engaged in virtual learning, you will notice that much more electricity is pumping through your home.  This may require you to upgrade your electrical panel to provide more power in your home.   You should consider upgrading your panel if your home is more then ten years old, as these homes were not constructed to power current devices.  When or if your circuits trip, it may damage these sensitive and current devices.  Over time, this can cause expensive replacements.  Remove this risk by keeping your panel and your electrical wiring up to date in your home.

Hard Wire Your Internet

The demands of current education require most students to have access to the internet and all its capabilities.  However, Wi-Fi may not always be reliable.  To ensure that your kids have the resources they need to be successful in the classroom, you may want to hard wire your internet connection in the home.  Hard wired internet connection is much more reliable.

By making these electrical upgrades to your home, you can ensure that you have the right capacity to handle the changes the school year brings.  When it is time for you to change your electrical components, contact our electricians in Winter Park, FL to hear how we can help you today.

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