Four Reasons Why Your Circuit Breaker Trips

Four Reasons Why Your Circuit Breaker Trips

Four Reasons Why Your Circuit Breaker Trips

Are you tired of your circuit breaking tripping?  Do you want to fix the issue so that you can prevent it from happening in the future?  When you are dealing with a circuit breaker that frequently trips or shorts, you may need the help of professional electricians in Winter Park, FL.  It is frustrating when your lights and electronics randomly turn off in the middle of your day.   There are a few reasons why your circuit breaker is shorting or tripping regularly.

You Have a Ground Fault

A ground fault occurs when a hot wire comes in contact with a ground wire or a metal wall box.  When a ground fault occurs, it can be extremely dangerous in areas that have water, like kitchens or bathrooms.  For this reason, your circuit will immediately short in order to prevent any electrical fires or electrocution.  GFCIs, or ground-fault circuit interrupters, are often installed to prompt this to protect your home.

You Have an Overloaded Circuit

One of the most common reasons why your circuit breaker may be tripping is because the circuit is overloaded.  This means that too many electronics or lights are running on the same electrical current, which can cause overheating.  This signals your circuit to trip in order to protect your home from electrical issues or fires.  The circuit will remain dead until it is manually reset.  Avoid putting too many electronics and lights on the same circuit to prevent this from happening over and over again.

You Have a Short Circuit  

A short circuit may be cause for concern.  This type of circuit occurs when a hot wire touches a neutral wire, which can stimulate a sudden flow of electricity which then causes the tripping mechanism to activate.  Once it is activated, the circuit will no longer produce any more electricity.  A short circuit may also be caused when something that is plugged into it has a wiring issue.  This issue can cause the entire circuit to detect a problem that then causes it to trip.

You Have an Arc Fault

An arc fault is a power fluctuation that occurs between contact points in wiring connections.  This can be a result of loose terminal connections behind light switches or wall outlets.  These breakers can actually trip before any more damage is caused and any issues occur.  Arc fault protection protects your home against the threat of fires that can be caused from arcing-related problems.  When there are loose wiring connections, you will have to reset the problems just like you would if any circuit shorts or breaks.  

These are a few of the common reasons why your circuit breaker may be tripping or shorting on a routine basis.  If this keeps happening to you, you will want to hire professional electricians in Winter Park, FL to help you resolve the issue.  Contact us to schedule an appointment for an inspection today.

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