Preparing Your Home Electrical System for Winter

Preparing Your Home Electrical System for Winter

Preparing Your Home Electrical System for Winter

Winter is nearly upon us, and for most homeowners, that means an increase in electricity use, dropping temperatures, and less natural light. While there is nothing wrong with wanting a warm, well-lit home, increasing electricity usage can multiply the risks associated with having electricity. Keep your family safe this winter by taking steps to make sure that your electrical system is adequately prepared for the winter months. No matter where you live geographically, there are numerous electrical safety tips that you can follow to keep your home safe. Electricians in Orlando, FL, are available to help prepare your home for the winter months.

Update your Outlets

One of the best tips for ensuring electrical safety through the winter is to make sure all of your home’s outlets are up to code and ensure there are enough of them to meet all of your electrical needs. You may even consider having an electrician come and check all of the outlets to ensure they are safe for making it through the winter. In addition, be sure that there are enough outlets present in the home to avoid outlet overload. Overloading outlets is much easier than most people think, especially in the winter when you're using more heating appliances, lamps, and entertainment devices.

Get your wiring checked

Bad wiring can be a big problem in the winter when we use more electricity than usual. Having a certified electrician check the wiring before winter sets in to look for possible wires and connections problems is wise. Getting any existing electrical issues resolved before the winter comes can keep your family safe and sound. Not fixing bad wiring increases the risk of electrical hazards and fires that can often lead to more severe problems down the road. Resolving electrical issues early is the best approach to keep your home and your family safe.

Get familiar with your home's electrical system.

Power fluctuations are common in winter months and are capable of tripping breakers. This makes it very important to know how to turn them back on manually. It is essential to know where electrical boxes are located and remove any obstacles to reaching them in case of a power outage. Please make sure all switches and circuits are functioning correctly and keep them marked clearly.

Check your power lines.

Severe winter storms can cause trees to fall and sometimes even power lines, especially if they don't have enough clearance from other objects. Visually inspecting power lines over your home can help you recognize a problem before it's too late. If the lines don't have an acceptable amount of clearance, then contact your utility company to resolve any overgrown branches because this is much harder to do in the dead of winter.

Turn off appliances when not in use.

Turning off and unplugging appliances you aren't using should be done year-round, but it is imperative in the winter. Always do this before going on vacation, leaving a room, or going to bed. This action can help you avoid any energy waste and save you money on utility bills during the winter when electricity use tends to be heightened. It will also help prevent overloading circuits or encouraging electrical fires.

Follow up on any leaks.

If you've noticed any leaks around your home, whether under the sink, from the washing machine, the back of the toilet, or the roof, it is essential to get them fixed right away. All types of leaks have the potential to affect your electrical system negatively. Electricity and water don't mix, so make sure your home is adequately waterproof before winter comes to keep your electrical system and the rest of your home safe. Consult our electricians in Orlando, FL, for further questions about keeping your electrical system working well over the winter season.

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