Three Common Electrical Issues Caused by Severe Storms

Three Common Electrical Issues Caused by Severe Storms

Three Common Electrical Issues Caused by Severe Storms

Heavy winds and rains that accompany many severe storms can destroy your home or business if it is left vulnerable to these elements.  Storms leave many communities without power when downed trees, lightning, or heavy flooding occur near their area.  Preventative maintenance and routine electrical inspections by professional electrical contractors in Winter Park, FL can lessen the severity of these issues.  These are some of the most common electrical issues that are often caused by storms and the dangerous elements that they bring to your community.

Power Outages

Severe storms often carry high wind and heavy rains that are powerful enough to knock down large trees.  When a large tree falls onto a power line, it is likely that they will pull the wires down with them, causing power outages in the affected area.  Power outages can also occur when lightning strikes a nearby electrical substation or community power line.  To minimize the inconvenience that a power outage may cause, set up a backup power system, like a generator, so that you can still stay safe despite these issues.  Some homes even invest in a full-home generator, so they do not need to suffer any losses when there is a power outage.  Be sure that you are fully stocked on batteries for flashlights and other important temporary devices.

Electrical Surges

When a lightning storm approaches your home, you should be protected against electrical surges they can cause.  If your home or property is struck by lightning, it can cause severe damage, including electrocution, shock, and electrical surges.  These electrical surges make their way through the wiring system in your home and damage any devices or electronics that may be connected, plugged in, or turned on.  You may want to consider installing a lighting arrester to direct the lightning to the ground outside your home.

Electrical Shorts

Storms that bring heavy rains also carry risks of excessive flooding.  This is especially true if you live in a community close to or below sea level, like many coastal towns in Florida.  When water comes into your home, it can cause your short circuits.  Short circuits can then result in power loss.  The extent of power loss will depend on the circuit that is shorted.  If it is a main wire that runs throughout your house, you may even suffer a total outage.  Protect your home from potential leaks by having an electrician come to your home and assess it vulnerability.

These are some of the most common types of electrical issues that may leave a home or business compromised.  When a severe storm is headed your direction, make sure that you are prepared.  Trust our electrical contractors in Winter Park, FL to assist you with any of your concerns.  Contact us to schedule your inspection today.

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