20 Different Types of Subcontractors required for Building a House

20 Different Types of Subcontractors required for Building a House

20 Different Types of Subcontractors required for Building a House

Building a house from the ground up requires an average of 22 different subcontractors. A general contractor is an integral part of the home building process and will handle all of the following:

  • Oversight of the entire construction process
  • Ensuring that deadlines are met
  • Coordinating subcontractor projects
  • Managing and hiring subcontractors
  • Estimating labor and material costs

Though contractors oversee building projects from beginning to end, subcontractors are the specialists that provide the majority of manual labor behind constructing a new house. When it comes to building your new home, subcontractors specialize in performing specific tasks within the project, offering a high level of professional expertise to keep the project moving forward quickly. Our experts present the following types of subcontractors you can expect to be a part of building your new home.

Finished carpentry- these specialists bring artistry and technical precision to new building construction, ensuring that built-ins and millwork look professionally done.

Interior doors- These professionals hang doors efficiently, ensuring that every door is shimmed and leveled adequately.

Exterior siding- These experts have the tools and expertise to keep siding level ensure that siding is installed to prevent moisture and rain from getting into the home.

Framing- these carpenters use the blueprints to build the home’s structure and provide subflooring installation

Exterior windows and doors- These professional installers properly hang windows and doors and apply weather sealing to keep homes warm and eliminate drafts during winter and keep things cool in the summer.

Kitchen cabinets-These carpenters offer unique storage solutions that maximize available space by providing high-quality, durable cabinetry.

Landscaping- These professionals are well versed in natural aesthetics and outdoor drainage. When planting, they consider the home’s immediate appearance and landscaping maturation.

Wallcovering and painting- these experts have the tools and experience to apply textured wall surfaces and prepare surfaces for paint.

Flooring outside of carpeting and tile- these installers are well-trained in techniques to install different flooring types, including engineered products, pre-finished, and bare wood. Their skillset allows for shortened construction times and durable and beautifully installed flooring elements.

Ceramic tiling- These professionals have a wealth of knowledge about tile and edging. They know the ins and outs of backing boards, adhesives, and grout for specific use in particular areas of the home.

Countertops- These installers understand the intricacies of installing different countertops to ensure a beautiful finished product regardless of the chosen materials.

Roofing- These professionals understand the special installation needs of every roofing material and will prevent future damages related to subpar installation.

Concrete- These professionals ensure that concrete used during the building process has the right finish, additives, and consistency. They keep concrete surfaces durable with proper sealing processes.

Masonry- These specialists understand the different methods of laying patterns and achieving tough cuts in exterior and interior stonework.

Drywall- These installers ensure that your walls are installed efficiently and effectively, guaranteeing that dimples and seams from screws are invisible.

Foundation- These specialists understand the appropriate materials and methods to create a solid supporting structure for your house no matter the process involved.

Plumbing- These professionals install all of a home's piping, including drainage, sewage, and water pipes. They are also updated on the newest products to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Electrical wiring- electrical contractors in Orlando, FL,  are aware of current code requirements and highly trained in the dangerous work they perform to power your dwelling.

HVAC- These specialists will install and advise on HVAC installation and systems, ensuring that your home is adequately cooled, heated, and vented.

Carpeting- These installers have the equipment and skills to provide ripple-free seamless carpets and border your carpet to wood, tile, and other household surfaces.

These are just some of the subcontractors used in new housing construction projects. Contact us today for more information on our electrical contractors in Orlando, FL. We are ready to handle all of your electrical needs.

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