3 Tips for Summertime Peace of Mind

3 Tips for Summertime Peace of Mind

3 Tips for Summertime Peace of Mind

It is time to store away those hats and gloves and break out your swimsuits and tanning lotion- summer weather is finally here! Whether your favorite summer activity is surfing the biggest waves you can find on the beach or lounging lazily in the sun by your swimming pool. There is no doubt that summer is an excellent time of year to do it. However, the summer season can present safety risks for homeowners. Here are a few friendly tips from our electricians in Winter Park, FL, to bring peace of mind to you and your family this summer season.

Be prepared for an emergency

When the summer sun shines bright, the warm, moist air offers the perfect conditions to fuel hurricane development. It is always best here in Florida for your family to be prepared for the storm, even though we are a few hours from the beach in Winter Park. It is always wise to keep a generator handy in case of a power outage. If you are unsure about the power you need in a generator, ask your electrician for advice, they know electrical systems inside and out.  

If your home draws more power than your generator produces, you might blow a generator fuse or damage the equipment connected to it. In addition, you should never operate your generator indoors because it needs unobstructed ventilation and airflow to function correctly. Even if your garage is open to the outside air, carbon monoxide can reach potentially toxic levels. Keep carbon monoxide detectors near all your bedrooms to alert you and your family of poisoning danger.

Plan for power surges

Lightning storms are also common with the electrical charge and extreme heat in the air during the summer season. An excellent preventative option for power surge protection is to outfit your residence with a whole-home surge protection system to eliminate the risk of damage to your electrical devices and appliances. Don't risk dealing with a time-consuming and frustrating property damage claim because of a local power surge.

Test your smoke alarms

Summer fun like shooting off Fourth of July fireworks and partying around a massive bonfire are great reminders to focus on fire safety during the summer season. If you can’t remember the last time you tested your home’s smoke alarms, today is the day. You should really test these safety devices monthly and change out batteries every year unless you have lithium batteries installed. Learn about the different alarm types and which one best suits your dwelling. Every home should be equipped with dual sensor smoke alarms or photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms. Keep your family protected from fire danger this summer by ensuring you have the best safety measures in place. Home fires are devastating, so do everything you can to avoid dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophic fire.

Follow these tips for summertime peace of mind and keep you and your household safe and sound. Then, contact our electricians in Winter Park, FL, today to ensure all electrical safety measures are in place. We are here to help.

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