4 Ways to Avoid Common Electrical Code Violations

4 Ways to Avoid Common Electrical Code Violations

4 Ways to Avoid Common Electrical Code Violations

Electrical hazards put home at risk for fires, which can cause rapid, extensive damage to your property and put your family in danger. To prevent issues with your electricity, you will want to inspect your home for any electrical code violations. Whether you want to prepare your home for selling or just give an inspection to ensure your building is safe, you should have our professional electrical contractors in Winter Park, FL thoroughly inspect your electrical systems. These are a few ways that you can avoid some of the most common electrical code violations in your home.

Remove Knob and Tube Wiring

During the early 1900s, knob and tube wiring was the top electrical technology that was used in the construction of many homes and buildings. Today, however, this type of wiring is considered extremely dangerous because these wires are not grounded. Also, these circuits support less amperage than is typically required these days, and it also does not include the right insulation to protect it over time. Many insurance companies will not even cover buildings that include knob and tube wiring. If your building was constructed before the early 1900s, you need to have your electrical wiring inspected and rewired.

Avoid Overcrowding Wires

It may be tempting to cram many wires through a small hole in the wall, but this can actually cause an electrical hazard. Eventually, these wires may be susceptible to burning, or damage that is caused when a wire loses its insulation from another wire being too close to it. It may be difficult to notice burned wires until the time is too late, and this is typically when a fire will erupt through your building. As a rule of thumb, do not put more than three wires through these holes.

Look for Illegal Splices

A splice is a connection between two or more wires, and this is also one of the worst electrical code violations. If it is not contained in a junction box, it is illegal. If you must use a splice in your home, you must hire an electrician to use a junction box in this area, run the wires into the box, and make sure the splice is properly covered. This ensures that the home will be safe.

Avoid Installing New Lights into Old Wiring

When you update the lighting in your home, you should also perform an electrical inspection of the wiring. New fixtures can overload old wiring because they may run at a higher temperature. Be sure that you talk with a professional electrician when you install new light fixtures, especially if your building was constructed before 1987. To check the age of your wiring, look at a date stamped on the insulation jacket of your wires.

By routinely inspecting and maintaining the electrical components of your home, you can protect your home and keep it safe from any of these common electrical code violations. If you are concerned about the safety of your electrical system, trust our experienced electrical contractors in Winter Park, FL to come out and inspect your home.

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