5 Common Reasons People Get Electrocuted at Home

5 Common Reasons People Get Electrocuted at Home

5 Common Reasons People Get Electrocuted at Home

Electricity can be unpredictable and dangerous. In our homes, we use electricity for almost everything, including entertainment, utilities, and even medical purposes. However, we may underestimate the dangers of electricity. Electrical shock occurs when live electricity comes in contact with conductive material or your skin. It isn't a laughing matter and can result in serious injury and sometimes even death. As electricians in Winter Park, FL, we encourage proper electrical safety on each and every jobsite to prevent issues like electrocution. These are some of the most common reasons that people get electrocuted in their own homes.

Faulty Switch or Outlet

A switch or outlet that is malfunctioning can cause severe electrical shock. The electricity that runs to switches and outlets travels into a box which is further connected to more wiring. All it takes is a wire or screw to be lose, and the current will become unstable. As a result, you can be shocked when plugging or unplugging a cord. Even using a faulty light switch will result in a shock.

They can become faulty due to damage too. Frayed wiring, cracked casing, or burns can cause less resistance and a bad connection.

Old Outlets

Outdated outlets can be another cause for electrical shock. Older outlets will often possess two-pronged parts as opposed to the safer three-pronged. Two-pronged outlets do not use ground wires. Ground wires are an added defense against unstable electricity.

Appliances are Faulty

Newer appliances are more sensitive than some of the older ones that circulate the market. With that said, they won't always channel electricity as well as they once did when they become faulty. This can result in electrical shock. If the wiring is frayed, circuitry is damaged, or the cords are cracked/broken, then you will produce an unstable current. Not only does this risk shocking you when you plug in a faulty appliance, you risk ruining a repairable appliance.

Water Comes in Contact with Electricity

If water and electricity ever meet, DO NOT approach it. This is a dangerous and deadly combination. The ions in water are super conductive. Not only will it cause an electrical shock, but it will be much more severe. If a source of electricity is submerged in water, you are looking at a dangerous shock hazard. Also, whatever the electrical source is will likely be ruined if it comes in contact with water.

Poor Electricity Handling

Faulty electronics or electrical outlets/switches aren't always the cause of electrical shock. Sometimes ignorance and stupidity are to blame. You have to use caution when using electricity. As it has been stated, it is dangerous and unpredictable. Here are some handling tips:

  • Never work with electricity with wet hands
  • Use outlet covers when children are around
  • Keep water at a distance from all electrical sources
  • DO NOT touch hot/live wires or circuits
  • Never use multiple extension cords together

By practicing these electrical safety precautions, you can avoid being electrocuted at home. If you are looking for more information about electrical safety, contact our electricians in Winter Park, FL today.

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