5 Signs That You Need Smoke Detectors

5 Signs That You Need Smoke Detectors

5 Signs That You Need Smoke Detectors

If you love the thrill of living on the edge, fire safety is not something you should sacrifice to feel a sense of danger and mystery. You need more than a sharp nose and keen eye to avoid severe damage from a house fire. Some detectors will not take away from your reputation of mystery and danger. Instead, they will lower fire risks and provide essential response time in case of a fire. Our electrical contractors in Winter Park, FL, discuss these signs that you need smoke detectors installed in your home:

Your home is older than electricity

Okay, Okay. We know your home doesn't predate electricity. Still, older homes are at a much higher risk of fire because they are prone to electrical issues and were not wired under the stringent code requirements in place today that are revisited and updated every third year. If you live in an older house, smoke detectors are critical to keeping you safe from fires.

You are still using appliances from the 1960s

Older appliances malfunction and wear out over time, causing potential fire risks. Whether you are ready to upgrade your house with energy-efficient appliances or want to keep that antique charm, investing in smoke detectors protects your home and inhabitants from unnecessary fire risks. Don’t risk your life simply because you want to keep living in the charm and sophistication of days gone by. Install smoke detectors today!

You are DIY obsessed

Using your DIY skills is a fun and rewarding way to save money and show off your ingenuity, but even the most experienced DIY enthusiast makes mistakes occasionally. And no matter what the world leads you to believe, ignorance is not always bliss. So whether you are an amateur DIY participant or well seasoned in the DIY world, installing smoke detectors ensures that your mistakes don’t cost you your safety or life.

You are involved in significant renovations

Things happen, especially during the process of major home renovations. Items can be installed or wired improperly, wires can end up exposed or cut, and safety procedures can be overlooked, resulting in an unexpected fire. Installing smoke detectors allows you fair warning when a fire starts that can save your property and your life.

Your current smoke detectors are older than you

If the smoke detectors in your home do not have dates on them, they are more than ten years old and deserve to be retired. Even when they appear to work correctly, expired smoke detectors are unreliable. Replace expired smoke detectors now to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in your household. Expiration dates are usually stamped on the back of the alarm or inside of them next to the batteries. Don’t let a small detail like an expired smoke alarm lead to a catastrophic fire that consumes your valuable belongings and risks the health and safety of you and your loved ones.

These are a few signs that you need smoke detectors in your house. Next, contact our electrical contractors in Winter Park, FL, for smoke alarm installation or electrical assistance. We are here for you!

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