5 Ways to Practice Electrical Safety to Prevent Fires in Your Home

5 Ways to Practice Electrical Safety to Prevent Fires in Your Home

5 Ways to Practice Electrical Safety to Prevent Fires in Your Home

Electrical safety is important in every home. Many people may think that the electrical components of their home are in good shape and properly updated, but then they may feel a hot outlet or burst lightbulb. When these issues occur, they can result in fire. Fires, unfortunately, spread quickly and can cause extensive damage and also put you and your family at risk. As electricians in Apopka, FL, we understand the code and regulations of electricity so that your home can stay safe. These are a few ways that you can practice electrical safety in your home to prevent fires.

Turn Off Lights

Even though it may seem harmless, it is good practice to turn your lights off when you walk out of the room. Although this may just end up increasing your electric bill, it can still put you at risk for undetected issues that could lead to fire. Your best practice is to turn off lights, lamps, and other electrical devices when you are not using them.

Check Your Smoke Detector Regularly

Smoke detectors not only save lives, but they save homes. These warning devices detect smoke. When they do this, they alert everyone with the most annoyingly piercing alarm. If you have smoke detectors that run on batteries, make sure you change the batteries frequently. Also, never remove smoke detectors from your rooms. You want to make sure you keep one in every room on every floor. Test them regularly. Also, you may consider investing in smart detectors that offer many extra functions and safety features.

Make Sure to Have Fire Extinguishers

This goes hand in hand with basic fire safety. You should have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. These tools are used to contain and snuff out small, localized, fires. For home fire safety, multi-purpose fire extinguishers are recommended.

Inspect Your Electric

There are three large contributors to house fires: smoking, kitchen fires, and electrical fires. Electrical fires can be tricky to prevent if you don't know what to do. To begin, NEVER do your own electrical work or wiring work if you do not have a license and experience doing so. Always leave electrical troubleshooting, installation, and repair to professionals.

Avoid Hot Electrical Outlets

 Inspect your outlets and switches regularly to make sure that they are not getting hot, sparking, or showing any black or dark burn marks. A minor surge in electricity can short out, damage, ruin electronics, or even cause fires. Whether you decide to get a basic plug strip, surge protective devices, or even fully protect your house with a whole-home surge protection device, this is a great way to prevent many electrical house fires.

When you better understand how to prevent electrical fires in your home, you can avoid these disasters that can cause extensive damages and loss. If you are concerned about the electricity or you suspect issues with your electric, you should trust our electricians in Apopka, FL to inspect your home. Contact Spectrum Electric to make your appointment today!

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