6 Signs That You Need an Electrician

6 Signs That You Need an Electrician

6 Signs That You Need an Electrician

Faulty electrical systems can cause a variety of problems. For example, they can lead to fire hazards or cause short circuits in sensitive electrical equipment. In addition, when you have guests, a poorly functioning electrical system can be embarrassing. It can also cause your house to lose value. Finally, wiring issues can be dangerous to you and other members of your household. Therefore, you need the assistance of an experienced electrician if you are having problems with your house's electrical system. It is essential to be aware of the signs that your home is having electrical issues before hiring electricians in Orlando, FL. Our experts offer the following signs you should hire a professional for assistance today.

Flickering lights

There are a variety of reasons that lights can flicker. However, if you have a single flickering light, it is typically a signal of a wiring problem in the fixture. If the light fixture flickers and buzzes simultaneously, this may indicate a fault in the arc of your wiring. If multiple lights in your home dim or flicker when appliances start, this is a signal that you need more electrical service to your circuit breaker box. The machine is likely drawing a large amount of power and pulling electricity from your smaller fixtures. This can lead to a dangerous overload when not repaired and is a common problem in older houses with dated electrical panels.

Tripping breakers

When electrical devices pull too much electricity through the wires at a time, circuit breakers will trip. However, it is usually rare for a household to trip their circuit breakers and usually happens when plugging in too many high-powered devices simultaneously. When your circuit breaker trips regularly, this may signal that your home is not receiving enough electrical service, and your breaker box is easily overloaded by daily activity. You may require an electrical upgrade if you have an older home.

You use too many electrical extensions cords

When you plug multiple extension cords into a single outlet, it is easy to overload your circuits. You likely need additional outlets if you are plugging extension cords into power strips, using them as permanent fixtures for your home, or using various extension cords in a single room.

Hot outlets

An outlet emitting heat indicates that the outlet plate's wires are heating up and signals an overloaded circuit. Have an electrician evaluate the situation if your outlet is typically warm when plugging in appliances. If it only warms up when particular appliances are plugged in, your device may require a dedicated circuit.

Your circuit breaker box is a fuse box

In the past, fuse boxes worked well, but poor maintenance and old age have caused some fuse boxes to be dangerous. In addition, homeowners used to rig fuse boxes to provide additional power to particular circuits. They did this by installing larger fuses in circuits where more power was required, making it easy to get additional electrical service from their fuse box. Unfortunately, this dangerous practice can cause a fire. A qualified electrician can determine whether your fuse box needs to be upgraded to a circuit breaker box.

Your wiring system needs grounding

Your wiring system may not be grounded if it is old. For example, if you have two-prong outlets in your home, your wiring system is ungrounded. As a result, you run the risk of getting shocked while plugging in three-prong appliances to an ungrounded electrical system.

These are just a few of the signs that you need to contact electricians in Orlando. Call us today for more information on the services we have available.

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