6 Surprising Facts About Electricians

6 Surprising Facts About Electricians

6 Surprising Facts About Electricians

Most people take electricity for granted until a problem happens, and they need the assistance of electricians in Winter Park, FL. We constantly use electricity in daily life for a million different reasons. While we expect electricians to provide a wide range of services to enhance our lives and comfort level, few of us even have a broad understanding of their role and the extent of their work. Here are some surprising facts about electricians you probably don’t know.

A master electrician's training lasts almost as long as a doctor’s

There is no room for error in the highly hazardous electrical industry. Electricians who earn the title of master electricians have trained with classroom work and hands-on experience for numerous years. After completing their apprenticeships and becoming licensed electricians, they have to work in the industry for three years before even applying to become master electricians. When they begin the process, their skills and credentials are thoroughly tested. Just like physicians, electricians require extensive training to be qualified to diagnose electrical issues and find the best solutions.

Electricians have to pass a color test

Not many people are aware that electricians need to be able to identify colors clearly to do their jobs. In most cases, the only way to differentiate between different wiring types is to use an industry-standard color-coded system. Without the ability to see colors, anyone working with electrical wiring may make a dangerous or fatal mistake.

There are numerous electrician specialties

The primary role of an electrician is to preserve industrial, commercial, and residential electrical systems. Many electricians specialize in electrical maintenance or engineering, but a growing number of electrical professionals do both. Electricians can also specialize in outdoor power lines or industrial, commercial, or residential electrical systems, but many electrical professionals can work in multiple specialties.

Electricians are also skilled in safety

Safety checks are an integral part of an electrician’s job. Electrical hazards are dangerous, so there are various safety regulations in place that electricians have to know. In addition, electricians work across multiple building types and locations, so they must follow the appropriate building codes and regulations in every situation where they install electrical systems.

Electricians solve problems

Electricians have to identify, diagnose, and evaluate problems and defects in their job. In most situations, the problem's cause is not readily identifiable, so electricians have to use their many diagnostic tools to determine what is going wrong. In addition, electricians have to be fluent in math and reading technical schematics and blueprints to do their job successfully.

Electricians provide a wide range of services

The range of services an electrician provides is numerous and varied. They wire new buildings and homes, rewire older structures, inspect electrical systems, repair electrical problems, and test, mount, and retain electrical systems and components across multiple applications and industries. Without electricians, life as we know it would be impossible.

These are just a few surprising facts about electricians in Winter Park, FL. Contact us today if you need electrical assistance, inspections, or installation. We are here for you!

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