Choosing a Qualified Electrician

Choosing a Qualified Electrician

Choosing a Qualified Electrician

 Electrical work is some of the most essential and dangerous work you can do on your property, whether it's installing new appliances or lighting or an emergency job for replacing an unstable wiring system. Therefore, it is essential to find the best electrician for your project because mistakes can be dangerous for you and others in your home. Our electrical contractors in Orlando, FL offer these critical considerations for finding the right electrician for your job.


Research alone will not make you an expert on electrical systems, but a little bit of background work can be helpful. In addition, having a clear understanding of what is required for the job at hand will help you to better explain the project to any electrician you are meeting and help you better judge the work done by your selected tradesman. For example, if you want to replace light switches and sockets, look up different prices and models. Even being prepared to describe your issues accurately compared to similar problems others have experienced can help you give vital information to an electrician.


Some trade professionals can have many years of on-the-job experience with no formal qualifications or recognition. However, there are specific industry standards to look for when hiring an electrician. All electrical work must meet legal requirements and standards. For particularly large jobs that include new circuits, electrical work must be completed by a tradesman qualified to self-certify their work or registered with a competent person scheme approved by your local authority's Building Control Department. This helps ensure that any electrical work completed is safe and will not be dangerous to you or other people in your home. If the work does not meet standards, the local authority can require the work to be fixed.

However, some electrical jobs do not require inspection, like minor circuit modifications in bedrooms and dining rooms or installing telephone cables. Still, it is always beneficial to check with local authorities to see if your planned work requires certification. An electrician registered and qualified by the following competent person schemes can self-certify their work and provide you with a certificate of compliance once the job is completed. They're also able to deal with building control for you.

  • TrustMark    
  • BSI

Any reputable electrician will not have any problem with you checking out their credentials.

Be sure you feel comfortable working with them.

Assessing your comfort working with a potential electrician can be easily done by contacting them. Be sure that they are polite to you on the phone, they call or arrive at your meeting on time, and they ask you plenty of questions about your project. Many electrical jobs can be time-consuming and expensive, so it is vital to have good communication with your electrician throughout the process. You do not need to be friends with them, but having a professional relationship is essential. It is vital that you feel comfortable talking openly about any issues that arise and how they will deal with them.

First impressions are essential.

Consider whether they looked and acted professional, had a clean and tidy vehicle or presented themselves professionally.

Get professional quotes and make sure all aspects of the job are included.

Experts recommend getting quotes from three different providers for jobs beyond simple replacements, repairs, or inspections. The scope and detail of their quote can give you plenty of pertinent information. It is essential to ensure that all quotes you are provided with include labor and materials. The only way to compare quotes accurately is if they are alike. Taking a sample of at least 3 with written quotes can help you identify if any of them seem unreasonably cheap. A low-balled quote could indicate that your electrician wants to get the job but will add extra costs later or use inexpensive materials.

No matter what electrician you choose, be sure that you talk about how payments will work, as most electrical contractors in Orlando, FL, do not expect you to pay for services upfront and accept bank transfers or checks instead of cash.

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