Five Signs of Faulty Electrical Wiring

Five Signs of Faulty Electrical Wiring

Five Signs of Faulty Electrical Wiring

Homeowners enjoy the convenience of electricity without concern of how it functions or how safe it may be. However, electrical wiring can go bad or become damaged over time. When you have faulty wiring in your home, you may need the help of electrical contractors in Apopka, FL. If faulty wiring is neglected over time, it can lead to additional hazards or even potentially extensive damages to your home. Noticing whether you have issues with the electrical components of your home can save you from this damage. These are a few signs that you may have faulty electrical wiring.

Your Circuit Breakers Are Always Tripping

Do you realize that your circuit breakers are frequently tripping? Although it is common for breakers to trip when they are overloaded with electricity, you want to take a closer look if your find yourself constantly resetting them. First, you should take some of the electrical load off that particular breaker to see if you can resolve the issue. If this does not work, replace the circuit breaker. If these issues persist, you need to inspect the wiring in the circuit to determine whether there is faulty wiring that needs replaced.

You Notice Flickering Lights

Inspect your electricity for lights that frequently flicker, dim, or hum. These are a few issues that can signal issues with the wiring in the walls. If you plug in a new device, you may notice the lights dim or flicker. When this occurs, it is telling you that the electrical current is not flowing properly and needs to be inspected or repaired.

Your Outlets are Hot to Touch

Do your electrical outlets feel warm? This is a huge hazard that could indicate major electrical issues that will need to be addressed immediately. When you notice hot, scorched, or darkened electrical outlets, you may be sending too much electricity to the outlet or you may have an energy leak. Get this issue resolved quickly to prevent any fire hazards in your home.

You Have Frayed Wires

Frayed wires also pose an electrical hazard that requires your electrical wiring to be replaced with new ones. When the plastic protective covering over a wire is damaged, it can expose the wiring inside, leading to damages in the electrical current. This can cause fire hazards if they are not dealt with quickly. Also, you want to inspect for any chewed wires if you have a pet or suspect rodents in your home.

You Smell Smoke

If you smell burning or burnt plastic near your electrical outlets, you need to contact a professional electrician immediately. This can indicate that fire damage has already resulted from the faulty electrical wiring. To keep yourself safe, you need to unplug all your electrical devices and also turn off the circuit breaker to prevent any more damage.

When you notice any of these signs in your home, you will want to tackle any electrical repairs quickly to prevent extensive damages. If you are looking for quality electrical contractors in Apopka, FL, trust the experts at Spectrum Electric. Contact us to hear about our full range of electrical services today.

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