Four Simple Fixes to the Most Basic Electrical Issues in Your Home

Four Simple Fixes to the Most Basic Electrical Issues in Your Home

Four Simple Fixes to the Most Basic Electrical Issues in Your Home

When it comes to electric, many homeowners may shy away from repairing issues in their home. There are many dangers associated with fixing electrical problems when you do not know what you are doing, and you can often make the problem worse. Our electrical contractors in Apopka, FL are here to help with the experience and training to get the job done right the first time. However, there are a few basic jobs that every homeowner should understand how to perform. These are some of the simple fixes to basic electrical problems in the home.

Fix a Tripped Circuit Breaker

One of the most common electrical issues that occur in the home are tripped circuit breakers. These issues can occur when the circuit is overloaded with too much use, causing the entire breaker to fail and shut off. You may assume that your home has a power outage but then quickly realize that the electricity is still working in other areas of your home. To fix your tripped circuit breaker, you will want to push the breaker all the way to OFF position before quickly turning it to the ON position to reset it. Once you do this, it will quickly turn back on. This is a simple and common problem that homeowners can quickly resolve themselves.

Reset a Tripped Ground Fault Outlet

GCFI, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, outlets are installed in areas that are exposed to water to prevent an electrocution in the home. When one of these outlets trip, you can easily fix the issue without having to even go far. These outlets have both a TEST and RESET button directly on the face. When you notice the power is out for these electric circuits, test the outlet by pressing these buttons before assuming there is a larger problem. These outlets often trip more to prevent any accidents in areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Fix Broken Switched Outlets

Have you determined that the power is only out for a few outlets in a given room? This problem may indicate that you have a switched lighting outlet issue. Sometimes, these outlets are not switched on or off the full way, which can make them seem like they are not working or powering lamps, lights, and radios. Make sure that the switched outlet that powers those particular devices is in the completely ON position.

Test Your Lightbulbs

Even though the idea of a broken lightbulb may sound simple to detect, it is often overlooked when you notice a light is not working. Take the lightbulb out of the current light fixture and test its function in a different fixture. This can help to determine whether the issue lies with the fixture, the circuit the fixture is plugged into, or the lightbulb itself. Keep in mind that sometimes the lightbulb can be bad even if it was just purchased and installed.

These are a few simple tasks that every homeowner should feel comfortable doing when it comes to basic electrical repairs. If you are not comfortable making these changes, you want to trust reputable electrical contractors in Apopka, FL. Contact the experienced team at Spectrum Electric to schedule your electrical evaluation today.

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