How A Whole House Fan Works

How A Whole House Fan Works

How A Whole House Fan Works

At the start of every day, you're likely already wondering how to remain cool through the night ahead. There's not much worse than waking up sweaty in the morning. You might consider having electricians in Winter Park, FL, install a whole house fan if you battle this problem.

Whole house fans (also called attic fans, roof vents, or ridge vents) are designed to help lower your cooling costs by utilizing efficient natural ventilation to keep your house cooler in the summer when temperatures can rise. It is generally installed in your attic, or you can locate models that connect to the side of your house. As it begins running at night, hot air is exhausted outdoors through strategically positioned attic vents throughout your attic area. So, where does the cool air come from?

Whole house fans utilize the sun's rising heat during daytime hours to naturally suck fresh air into your house and push hot air outside via your attic area. As this happens repeatedly, the air in your home is slowly drawn out and replaced with cooler outside air through open windows and doors. This process can drastically reduce your costs because you no longer require an additional air conditioning system running full strength if you keep all your windows and doors closed during the day as usual. Then, when temperatures become milder overnight, whole house fans automatically stop since there's no more hot stale air left indoors to remove. This allows for a comfortable rest once evening hours arrive and also saves you money by reducing the need for a second cooling system.

You no longer have to worry about returning to a sweltering hot home daily! If your fan runs at full speed and you remember to close all your windows and doors before going out for the day, then your whole house fan will work its magic to ensure everything feels nice and cool when you return home. In fact, because of how well these fans can reduce indoor temperatures without extra help from air conditioners or other fans, many local energy companies offer special rebates as a motivation for employing them.

Whole House Fan Working Principle:

Whole house fans operate by drawing in a large amount of cooler air from the outside through open windows and doors. This cooler air is usually pulled in from the lowest open window or door in the space, but it can also be pulled in through any additional opening, such as a garage, attic, or basement doorway. Finally, this warm stale air is pushed out through attic vents placed throughout your attic by an electric-powered whole-house fan system. The air pushed out of vents acts as exhaust to replace air inside your home that was naturally heated through the day. Imagine the exhaust produced by cooling down a whole room with an air conditioner - imagine doing this for each room in your home! Since heat rises, it makes sense for whole house fans to eject hot air before exhausting cooler outside air back into your house's warm upper levels.

You can use whole house fans year-round to keep houses more comfortable and save energy costs. However, it is best to start running them in the evening as temperatures cool down outdoors, so your home will be cooler before you come back from work or school. You can also turn them off during cool mornings and evenings, so they don't overwork when it's not necessary.

These are some reasons to consider an attic fan for your home. Contact our electricians in Winter Park, FL, for more details today.

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