Reasons to Hire a Licensed Electrician for Your Electrical Needs

Reasons to Hire a Licensed Electrician for Your Electrical Needs

Reasons to Hire a Licensed Electrician for Your Electrical Needs

When times are tough and your household budget is stretched thin, frugal is often the name of the game. The attraction to take the lowest proposal when electrical work needs to be accomplished, usually bid by an unlicensed electrician, can be extremely powerful. And while it can be powerful, it can also be a massive mistake, one that could command way more than what a certified electrician would have assessed the first time.

Licensing Requirements

To be licensed in most states, an aspiring electrician must bear at least four years of experience as a "journeyman" or higher. A journeyman is an experienced and proficient laborer working beneath a licensed contractor (in this circumstance, an electrician). They have to demonstrate that they've worked on at least eight projects in various ways. Then, once their business entity is formed and tax information is ready, they have to pass an exam. The exam includes an array of queries that will ensure anyone who passes will be adept in the field. They have to retake this test every two years to ensure they're updated on the new technology and regulations.


Unlicensed electricians have nobody to answer to, no examinations to take, and no responsibility. Licensed electricians understand what they're doing. They have satisfaction in their work and prestige to maintain. They've researched and taken the time to comprehend what they need to do. Unfortunately, employing an unlicensed contractor leaves a homeowner open to liability in some unexpected ways.


While licensed electricians might charge higher rates, the additional money goes towards items that ultimately help the homeowner—insurance.

Licensed electricians carry liability insurance, which means if something occurs on the job and someone is hurt, or property is damaged, they have insurance to protect it. They're also likely to carry unemployment insurance, which, if they are hurt, would mean they wouldn't be running after the homeowner to pay lost wages.

Unlicensed electricians will usually be without this insurance, which leaves a homeowner at risk if there are any issues. In addition, if an unskilled electrician is hurt on the job, the responsibility will be with the homeowner, who may be found responsible if there is a lawsuit.

In addition, employing an unlicensed electrician may also yield a home insurance policy void, leaving a homeowner out on their own in the circumstance of an electrical catastrophe. In addition to security, the threat of fire, liability, and a void homeowner's insurance policy are three useful reasons why many homeowners choose to have their work completed by a licensed contractor.

These are just a few reasons to hire licensed electricians for your electrical needs. Contact us today if you need electrical contractors in Apopka, FL. We have the experience and expertise to do the job right every time. Also, our focus on customer service and client satisfaction allows us to exceed your expectations with every service we offer.

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